The Video 6: A Formula to Great Marketing & Sales Videos

Do you feel like every time you start a new video project, you’re, basically starting from scratch, or if you reviewing content that somebody else has made for you, do you find it hard to clarify why it’s not good or what could be fixed to make it better? Well in this video, I’m going to show you a super simple formula that, if used properly, is gonna radically improve the quality of your videos and also cut your production time in half. Hey guys, it’s Zack from impact, so glad you’re here to spend some time with me today. You know I really feel like at times we overcomplicate the video process. I think maybe we’re under the impression that it takes some sort of supernatural, creative talents or ideas to create awesome videos that really connect with our customers and our prospects when, in reality, it’s actually not that difficult and it can be broken down into a very simple Step by step formula, which I have done here and we’ve named it, the video six – and it is six steps that, if followed from beginning to the end of a video, will likely guarantee that it’s gonna be a cohesive message that you’re gonna educate your Customers, you’re gonna create better relationships.


You’re going to get those marketing results that you want. It’S a phenomenal thing and it’s super easy and you’ve actually already been watching three of those elements already in this video. Can you guess what they were well, the first one is called the teaser. Now the teaser is the first 10 to 30 seconds of a video and which you’ve really got to capture the viewer. It doesn’t matter how great the production value is or how great the content is in the middle of your video. If you can’t get them past that first 10 to 30 seconds. Well, it really doesn’t matter. I’ve actually created a video with two tees or formulas. You can use it to create really great and just interesting hooks that are going to grab that viewer and explain why they should stick around. If you want to watch that video, you can click right here and go and watch that now. The second element of video six is called the logo. Bumper and we’ve all see these before you. If you don’t know what it is or didn’t, call it that you’ve likely seen it before generally. These are just motion, graphics, that include our logo and they brand the and give it a certain production feel like this is going to be a produced piece of content. It just kind of sets an expectation. Logo. Bumpers are really easy to make. You can even buy premade ones that you can customize from places like videohive and Votto studio. I’ll, put some links in the description that you can quickly get to those don’t overthink. This doesn’t overcomplicate. It just makes a quick one that can be reused over and over again now. The third element of video six is the intro. Now a note, you’re thinking. What’S the difference between the teaser and the intro where’s the deal, the teaser is more to grab that viewer and quickly explain why they should stick around the intro. On the other hand, is the point in which the subject of the video the person is in the video is going to introduce themselves and introduce the content at this point, you’re going to elaborate a little bit more about what’s in the video, this is kind of going t be a spoiler; if you do it properly, you should explain exactly what to expect and simplify it for the viewer, so they really have a reason to stick around. You can use this opportunity to get buy-in too, depending on what you’re talking about you might want to clarify why you’re talking about your particular subject or why it’s important to them. The intros are really great spot for this, and it’s also a great spot to introduce your segments. Have you ever watching a longer video? That’S got no breaks in it. How did you start to feel as that content progressed? Did you start to get bored uninterested? You kind of start zoning out thinking about what you’re having for lunch. Looking at those suggested videos on YouTube. All of these things happen because our brain hasn’t really had the chance to digest information. Yet segments are crucial for two reasons: one they’re going to improve the view. Duration, it’s going to be easier for your viewers to stick with you and keep up with what’s happening. If you divide everything out into separate segments, it’s also going to improve recollection if you’re trying to really educate your customers and teach them. You know it might be. Five things, or it might be, a how-to or whatever keeping things step-by-step or just breaking them out into bite-sized chunks, is going to help them remember exactly what you talked about. So segments are absolutely vital. Then one of the most important parts in the video six once again may increase view, duration and recollection so use segments whenever possible. Now on to our fifth element of video 60, which is the call to action. What’S a good marketing and sales video without a good old call to action right? The idea here is that there will almost always be a next best step that the viewer can take after they’re done, watching the video or once you’ve armed them with this information. What is the next thing? They should go and download, or the next thing they should go research, or even just now, that I’ve taught you this thing go out into the world and use it and be a better person for it. Who knows what the call to action might be, but it’s important to be specific, exactly what they should do next and why they should use visual cues to show what that thing looks like if it’s directing them to a certain page or a certain video, Show what that page looks like show what that video looks like where they can click on it and then finally, just be helpful. The idea here isn’t just to give them something to do. The idea is that, what’s the next best thing, they can do now that they’ve got this information. And finally, the last part of video 6 is the outro. Now, this is the last opportunity to leave your viewer with a positive feeling, so you got to make this one count. Sometimes it could be your slogan, it could be your call to action. It could be a funny one-liner, I mean whatever you want it to be, but just make sure that this thing you really make it count. You leave that viewer with a positive feeling. If it’s on YouTube, you can ask them to subscribe. Like the video much like. I do in these videos whatever it is. Just smile, give your salutations and leave the viewer with a great feeling. So that’s it! That’S video 6. It’S literally that simple you’ve got your teaser, your logo, bumper intro segments call to action, and your outro you’re, not going to use all of these all the time, but if you use some of them in conjunction you’re going to take some of that guesswork. Out of your videos and start to create really great content, build those relationships, get your marketing and sales results, help out your viewers educate them. If you’d like to download our free video 6 script, the template I’m going to drop a link in the description below you can go in there and drop in all these. It’S already formatted with all six of the video six. I hope this is very helpful guys if you enjoyed it. Please hit that like button below, if you haven’t done so already make sure you subscribe to film school for marketers, and until I see you next time guys keep learning…

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