Complete Copywriting Tutorial – Examples, Tips and Formulas

In this blog post, I will be sharing a complete copywriting tutorial that will help you improve your writing skills and create compelling content. Copywriting is an essential skill for anyone looking to increase traffic, generate leads, boost sales, and increase social shares. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience in writing, these actionable strategies will help you take your copywriting to the next level.

Before we dive into the tips, let me introduce myself. I’m Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko. I have used the tips from this tutorial to create blog posts that have been shared thousands of times and have written several high-converting seven-figure sales letters. So, if you’re looking for proven techniques to improve your copywriting, you’re in the right place.

Tip #1: Use Reddit threads. Reddit is a gold mine for copywriting inspiration. Head over to subreddits where your target audience hangs out and look for threads with lots of comments. Pay attention to the words and phrases people use to describe what they like and don’t like about a particular product or service. This will help you understand their pain points and create copy that resonates with them.

Tip #2: Use short sentences. Short sentences are easier to read and understand. According to a study conducted by the American Press Institute, short sentences are 711% easier to read and comprehend. So aim to keep your sentences as short as possible to make your copy more engaging and accessible.

Tip #3: Use the slippery slide technique. The goal of your copy is to keep people reading. Use the slippery slide technique to add elements to your content that are specifically designed to keep readers engaged. This could be telling a story and leaving the ending for later or referring to something that will be discussed later in the content. By doing this, you create curiosity and encourage readers to continue reading.

Tip #4: Use super-specific headlines. Your headline is crucial for grabbing attention and enticing readers to continue reading. Use super-specific headlines that clearly communicate what readers can expect from your content. For example, instead of a generic headline like “How to Lose Weight,” use a super-specific headline like “Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days with This Simple Diet Plan.” Specific headlines are more compelling and generate more interest.

Tip #5: Use FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). FOMO is a powerful emotion that can make your copy more effective. If applicable, create a sense of urgency or scarcity in your copy to trigger FOMO in your audience. This can be done by highlighting limited-time offers, exclusive deals, or limited availability. FOMO makes people pay closer attention to what you have to say and encourages them to take action.

Tip #6: Write strong leads. Your lead is the section of your copy that comes right after the headline. It is crucial for grabbing readers’ attention and keeping them engaged. Use a hook in your first or second sentence to grab attention, keep your lead short (around six to eight sentences), and consider using mini-stories to captivate readers from the start.

Tip #7: Don’t use big words. Using big words may make your content sound impressive, but it can also make it harder to read and understand. Instead, use words that are easy to read and comprehend. Simple and clear language is more effective in engaging readers and conveying your message.

Tip #8: Use the A-I-D-A formula. The A-I-D-A formula is a classic copywriting formula that stands for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action. It can be applied to various types of content, including sales pages, landing pages, articles, newsletters, and video scripts. Grab readers’ attention, create interest, build desire for your product or service, and end with a clear call to action.

Tip #9: Focus on benefits over features. While features are important, benefits are what sell. Highlight the specific benefits that your product or service offers, rather than just listing its features. Show your audience how your product or service can solve their problems or improve their lives.

Tip #10: Address objections. Addressing objections is crucial for overcoming resistance and convincing potential customers to make a purchase. Identify common objections that your audience may have and address them directly in your copy. By acknowledging and resolving objections, you build trust and increase the likelihood of conversion.

Tip #11: Talk to customers. To gain deeper insights into your customers’ needs and pain points, consider talking to them directly. This can be done through interviews, surveys, or even one-on-one conversations. By understanding your customers’ perspectives, you can create copy that resonates with them and addresses their specific needs.

Bonus Tip: Use crooked numbers. Crooked numbers, or numbers that haven’t been rounded, are more believable than round numbers. Whenever possible, use exact numbers in your copy to make your claims more credible and persuasive.

Bonus Tip: Use the proven three-step testimonial formula. Testimonials are powerful social proof that can boost sales. Use a three-step testimonial formula that includes the before, after, and recommendation sections. This formula helps potential customers relate to the person giving the testimonial, understand the results they achieved, and trust their recommendation.

AIDA – This sales formula is a classic.

Attention – With the way the world is evolving, this is more important than ever before. Do something to get their attention.

Interest – Once you get their attention, so something to keep them interested in what you’ve got to say.

Desire – Now that they’re listening, build their desire for whatever your offer does. The key with this is to focus on feelings, not facts.

Action – Give them a reason to take whatever action you want them to take. “Fill in the form for _____” or “Buy now and you’ll get instant access to _____”

FOMO – Fear of missing out.

This is much simpler than AIDA. Fear of missing out is one hell of a motivator to get someone to act.

This can apply to almost anything. To use it to your advantage, you have to be super clear about someone misses if they DON’T do what you’re suggesting.

Talk about the experience of having your thing. Focus on sensory explanations. What would they see, touch, or feel?

PAS – Problem, Agitate, Solution.

This is another copywriting formula, but can apply to much more than sales copy. Using it in content works, too.

First, share the problem. You want to be as vivid and descriptive as possible without going so far that they feel it’s unsolvable.

When you agitate, you have to really drive home how bad it is and how much worse it can get. The more real you can make this, the better.

Finally, you get to provide the light at the end of the tunnel. Your solution is the hope they’re gonna need after you expose their pain and made it real.

Objection Removal – Address time, trust, cost, necessity, and proof.

The 5 basic objections are the most common reasons people decline your offers.

As you share the benefits you provide, you should focus on reasons for your prospect to get beyond each of the items and you’ll sell more if you do it right.

Win button – You’ll like this one, if you can pull it off.

The first step is to say something that’s hard to believe, but easy for you to prove.

Then prove it.  

As you explain and show how this thing is true, focus on continuing to make claims that aren’t easy to accept. Again, keep proving them.

This is a magic formula because it covers most of the other formulas all at once.

You suck people in by making a claim that’s not easy to believe.

It builds trust because you’re proving what you say.

As you complete this process, you must tell them EXACTLY what to do to get more of what you just gave them.

This is very tough to pull off properly, but produces the best quality leads you can find in any market. Good luck!

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