The ONLY Online Business you need to Start NOW in 2023

Building Assets: The Key to Running a Successful Business

Not all businesses are equal. Some businesses are better than others. What I mean by better is that it will be easier and easier to run the business as it grows.’ Better businesses have one thing in common – they are in the business of building ‘Assets’.A good example is McDonalds.I think it was in Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant that I read that McDonald’s is not in the business of selling burgers. It is in the property business. Selling burgers is just a way for it to fund its property acquisition.

For McDonald’s, the asset that it is building is properties. You may ask, “What kinds of businesses are not building an asset?”Too many. One example is a kiosk in a shopping mall selling tidbits and cookies. Yes, the owner may make money, but he needs to rely on the mall traffic to make money. If the mall increases its rental, its bottom line will suffer.

The ONLY Online Business you need to Start NOW in 2023

The Power of Building an Asset: How Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketers Can Thrive

If traffic in the mall shrinks, his business will also be affected. He doesn’t own anything at the end of the day. He could have taken down the contacts of the customers and prospects who visit his kiosk and created an online e-commerce site so that he could directly reach out to them and introduce new products to them. Who knows, his online sales may eventually be more than his offline sales, and he no longer has to depend on the mall for sales. The same idea applies to online marketing. Many affiliate marketers are simply promoting their affiliated links. They are like the kiosk owner in the example above. They don’t own anything other than making some money. Smarter affiliate marketers will build a list first, before promoting affiliated products. Look around you and see which business is building an asset and which is not.

Building an Asset: The Key to Online Marketing Success with LeadsLeap

This will improve your business acumen. More importantly, if you are in online marketing, ask yourself, are you building an asset in your business? If you are not, you should start thinking about how to restructure your business to do so. For your information, at LeadsLeap, you are automatically building an asset because we have a 10-level leads network. It is not surprising that with just a few referrals, you may have hundreds or thousands of members in your network. These are free leads that you can reach out to for life. To your success,

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