The Most Important Process to Increase High-Quality Traffic to Your Website

Now there are a ton of videos that you’re seeing on YouTube. That’S teaching you how to grow a business online, but they are all missing. This one course step that you must have to be able to be successful with your business. You know one of the things that you want to have is being able to increase the high qualities in your business, hundreds of thousands every single month and also convert those into lifelong customers and clients and sales for your business. But this 1 step is something that I’ve seen businesses they’re doing six figures even startups: seven, eight figure businesses are missing out on and that’s costing them millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars at least years of time to be able to build their business Successfully and also a learning curve, that is massive. So what is this one course step, and how can you save yourself the risk, so you don’t even have to suffer from this step that one course step that everyone’s missing, let’s get into it: [, Music, ]. First thing I want to do is I want you to comment below. Let me know what is the first step that you think or that you do right now to be able to build your business online? What is that first course snap comment below and then I’ll respond and get back to you now. One thing I want to tell you is that you want to watch to the end of this video, because when you stay until the end, I’m gon na give you the proven frameworks, templates and a step-by-step walkthrough, and how to incorporate this most important step into growing. Your business online and that first course step is how you build consistent flow of traffic, thousands of traffic, hundreds of thousands of high-quality traffic from your target audience into your business online. Regardless of what space your industry and where garlis is it’s hard to audience that you’re going for and whether you’re a b2b or b2c space, it does not matter. This is the core stuff that every business must follow. This process is the one that I personally use, and also the one that we implement for clients to generate the millions of dollars. The first course step is generate and increasing that traffic with the foundation of understanding a specific core process. Now, if you do not have this process, this will cost you a ton of time and money and also failure after failure. If you don’t know this course step and that’s one of the things, this is one of the most important parts that we use foundationally. For my own businesses, and also for clients as well, we missed a step. We know we’re gon na lose a ton of time and lose a ton of money. Now this is the first time you’re watching this video, that it means that you probably don’t know my story, and I want to share with you so you know where I’m coming from. So I’m an immigrant that came from Taiwan. My parents brought me here because at that time there’s a long time ago, China said they were gon na attack Taiwan. So as an immigrant coming into Vancouver growing up one of the key things that we did or even for myself, family started from the very bottom, and so at that time, when I was at the very bottom, I had thousands of dollars in personal debt and also Business debt, so one of the core things why I even got into business was to support my family, and so it’s important for me to be able to build a successful business not to take her myself, but also for the family and the people that are around Me and so, in order to build that business, I started out making a ton of mistakes failed ventures but eventually leveraging digital marketing. I was a bill to a bill, be able to build a five figure: six figure, seven figure and eventually multi-million dollar business, using digital marketing and using the exact process that I’m about to share with you. If I missed out on this process – and I know, is the reason why I failed in my early ventures and so this process is extremely important for you to know in order to build a successful multi $ 1 company or even a six-figure business or whatever business You want to build now the first cool module for traffic to be able to increase your traffic from tens of thousands to hundred thousands every single year and then moving them to every single month. Is we want to understand? Who is it that we’re going for? It sounds simple, but this is the unique process that I want to share with you, I’m about to walk you through to be able to understand who we’re going for. The first thing is you want to understand? Is you and me are real human beings? That is what traffic is made up of, so we wanted to find who it is so, let’s get into that course step what you’re looking at on the screen is the ideal client persona. So this is the framework that you’re gon na get at the end of this video. You can fill it in, but I want to walk you through the core parts of each one, real, quick and we’re gon na dive deeper into each specific part. The first thing that we’ll understand is the categories in the internal drivers, so the audience that we’re going for they’re real people – you really human being, is just like you and just like me, and so there’s emotional triggers that are tied to certain emotions that we want Them to feel when they see your business and your brand and also the products and the services, are you trying to engage with them? The emotional triggers are things you want to side them. What are those things is an excitement is a sadness. Is it happiness? What are those things that we want our target audience to feel when they see your brand and your business? The second thing is: we want to focus on what are the goals? What are the results that we want your target audience to be able to achieve? What are the things that we want to define for them? What are they really looking for when they want to buy your product or service? What should they have in mind when they meet your brand? The next thing is the values: what are the values that you have and also what are the values that the target audience has that they want to bridge with you? You want to make sure that there’s a connection between the values you set for your business and also the values that your target audience wants to have. The next thing is the current or tension. So this basically means: where are they? Where are they spending their time? Where are they investing their money right now? The first thing you want to look for is the books that they read now the books could be fiction, nonfiction doesn’t matter. This is just the books that you know for a fact that are related to the audience that you’re going for. The next thing is magazines: what are the magazines that they subscribing to? The third thing is the blogs and the websites. What are the websites and blogs at their core visiting online? The next thing is the conferences or events: what are the conference’s? What are the events? What are the meetups that they’re currently attending right now? The next thing is gurus or celebrities, or any specific person that they’re currently following, and they resonate with for a specific reason. The next thing is other, so it’s actually anything else that you can figure out. Let’S say podcasts: it could be Meg, podcasting magazines, it could be platforms like YouTube. Facebook pages YouTube channels, Instagram pages whatever it is where and who do they follow? Now in the middle, you can see there’s a persona there. We wanted to find. What is the age range? What is the gender? What is the marital status? Do they have children and what is the age of the children? Where is the location that they’re located in? What is the quote that you think resonates with them? What is the occupation that this target audience will hold? What does the job tell that they have? What is their annual income? What is the level of education they have and any other parts that you think is fit for this target audience. Then we move on to the problems, the problems or things that two specific categories, the problems that they are facing right now and how you can solve it and also the symptoms or the pain points that we can use to be able to leverage this and build It into your product or your service now the next thing is the buying process, so the buying process goes into current options that they currently have to solve. The problems that achieve the results that they have, for example, in Fitness, there’s multiple different ways to be able to lose weight. You can take supplements, you can workout the gym, your high personal trainer. You can be able to eat less. You can take a course. You can read a book there’s so many different options. What is the options that your target audience has other than buying your product or your service? To achieve that result they want. The next thing is the objections to the sale so anytime, your target audience meets your brand. There’S always friction with them, so why are they not buying your product or your service? You want to figure out what are the objections that they have? What are the challenges? The barriers – I can tell you for right now, money time, belief in your product or service and belief in themselves. Those are four core ones. The next and final one that we want to find is what is the role in the purchasing process and what does that process look like. So, for example, when someone buys a car, the process is very different from when someone buys a box of candies. It’S very different in terms of the way that is made the decisions because of the price point because of the the use of the product. All these different things are important for that you to understand to define the target audience now that we know how to define the first core part of the process of increasing your traffic. Let’S go into the second core aspect, which is the most important part, and this second core aspect has three components to it. The first thing that we want to do is we’re going to look at your competitors, the top 8 to 10 competitors that are selling the process; services that you have. We want to go on Google, we want to type in your product or your service type in your industry and we look at the first page of Google. So look at the top 10 people that are on that page. So, for example, you can type in, let’s say your product: let’s say it’s a fitness product supplements in for men, then you type it in there. You look at Google. You look at the first 10 results that are on the first page. That’S the first core thing, the second thing: once we have that list of top 10 people on the first page, click on every single one of them, including the ads, and we look at how are they constructing their website? What is the content that they have on their blog one of the videos that they have? They have any videos? What are the web pages that they have? How do they structuring their website flow? What are the colors that they’re, using? What is the copywriting that they’re, using on the first banner on the bottom, the middle section at the bottom, as well, in the middle bottom, throughout the page, construction that they’re building on and also all the things that they’re building on their website? You want to do a deep dive on the top 10 competitors on the first page of Google, because one of the core things that this helps us understand is these people are ranking in the first visual for organic results and also, at the same time, they’re most Likely spending ads spending money on ads to amplify the traffic, so understand how they’ve designed and how they’ve done this by doing a deep dive on each one. Now the third core thing that we want to do to be able to really hone in on this is using website tools like similar web similar web allows you to analyze certain websites to understand how they’re getting the traffic. What are the rankings that they have across? All the different industries, or in your specific industry, where they’re getting traffic from the top three five referral traffic sources. Are they spending money on ads? The similar web allows you to understand this as well. The second thing you can use is called hrs, which is an amazon owned company which allows you to do the same day. You can see what are the website analyze, whether the traffic? How are they getting it hot and sing it up? The third thing you you can use buzzsumo to understand the content that they have on their site. What is the most popular once? How they’re running it? What are the things that work so using these three core tools? We amplify this whole process, and so when we understand your target audience and also how they’re bridging it with your top ten competitors on the first page of Google, then we understand the traffic side and dive it even deeper. So this second quarter, part of process with these three components, is going to be vital to be able to understand how to drive more traffic now the next core piece. Now we understand your organic traffic and how your competitors are building it. What’S even more important is: what are they spending hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on every single year to buy the traffic that they want to get to the website? How are they getting the eyeballs of your target audience to go on their site if they’re spending money to it and they’re putting what their money where their mouth is, and so, when you’re able to understand where that traffic is coming from and also how they getting It onto the site is gon na, be vital piece of information for you to be able to build that onto your own website, so two tools that we use in-house to do this, the first one is called SCM rush. Sem rush allows you to go on your on the website. You type in your competitors. It’Ll literally show you what are the keywords that they’re trying to pay money on to be able to rank for and Google? What are the top referral sources of traffic that they’re aiming for? That’S the first thing that same rush tool. The second thing is what runs where now? What runs? Where is another tool that allows you to show the creatives that your target audience is running? One of the platforms that they’re spending money on and it’s like a duality, the su rush shows you keywords: Google stuff more heavily and what runs where shows you more? The Facebook Google Display and potentially even YouTube, where they’re driving the traffic from and how they’re spending their money. Well, we understand how your competitors are, what they’re, how they’re spending it, what they’re spending it on then we can figure out the referral sources that work best for you now. The next core part of this process we want to understand, is the current state of mind for your target audience. What are they searching for? What are the problems? The questions, the things that they’re thinking about that you can use to be able to increase your traffic. So one of the things that we can do is simply go on. Google again, you want to type in your industry, your project, service and type in plus forum. So this allows you to see the current forums that your target audience is already made to speak on. That specific subject that they’re on whether that’s fitness or that’s beauty and skincare, whether that’s a b2b industry, whatever it is, there’s forums, there’s groups that are already created across multiple social media platforms that you can use to understand what language are they using? This is gon na, be very vital for us in the next course step, but for now we want to understand what your target is searching for. What are they saying? What questions are they asking now? Here’S some few sites that you can use that we use as well to do some very important research. The first thing that we look at is we go on core comm core allows you to see the specific questions for posting insights, answers topics and discussions based on certain different topics, or you can use it for your specific industry. The next thing you can use is answers comm. This is another site, you can see, people go on and they want to get answers, so they go on there. They type into questions and you can find out specific ways of how they’re speaking and what are the questions that they have two more important tools that you want to use to figure out how to increase your traffic is using Google Trends and Google Keyword planner. These are both free tools and they’re, very powerful and they’re simple to use as well. You can go on Google Trends and be able to figure out what are the specific industry keyword terms, the demographic, the audience? What is the times that are the most engaging with them all these different metrics that Google provides for you for free. You can go on Google Trends to figure this out. The next thing you can use again it’s another free tool for by Google. Is Google Keyword, planner Google queue PLAs shows you one of the top search words that your target audience is looking for in your industry and how much it’s costing right out to bid for that. You can look at how much it is how much search volume in traffic it is to find out what relevant keywords. Your target audience is searching for that. We can use to leverage into increasing your traffic all these sites and there’s a lot more than the show with you an expanded post, but these are the top four places in this video I’m gon na show. We did you go on. You can do some very important and vital foundational research to increase your traffic. It’S understanding the questions and what your target audience is already saying. Then we’re gon na go into how to leverage it to increase your traffic. Now, one of the core ways that you can really leverage to grow your business online increase. Your traffic is using one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world. Amazon.Com you go on, there’s three core ways: you type in your product or your service, or your industry, use these three core ways and you figure out what are the top products? What are the top books? What are the top things that people are selling and people are actually buying with their hard-earned money to rank really high on Amazon? You look at the first page of the results you’re looking from one to ten, and you figure out what are the top products there. That’S one piece of data point you want to make sure that you have. The second thing is want to click through on each of these products want to look at the reviews. We want to look at what are the customers that have already bought this product? This book, this whatever it is, that they’re selling and then what are they saying about it? What do they hate about this product where they hate about this book? What are they love about it and the same thing? What do they hate about it, and what are they saying about it? What are the things that they hate about it once we compile this language pattern, this text, this copy, that your target is using we’re gon na be able to leverage it to increase your traffic. Another way, that’s extremely underappreciated undervalue to build an increase. Your traffic is mystery, shopping, your competitors, so you want to make sure you pick up that phone and you buy the products and services that your target audiences are already buying, and you want to do a few things on this process. You want to ask some critical questions to understand: how are they selling your target audience? How do they have that conversation, and you can also pretend that you’re, a customer or a client to basically mister shop, that might understand where they’re getting their traffic? Where are they getting the people that are in their business? You go on. The phone he’s talked to that sales person that customer service and to figure out you know you guys, have a great product like. Where are your people coming from how you guys making the product you want to understand and get competitive data to be able to use that in your own business? The second way that you want to do this is you want to interview your 10 best customers or your clients to be able to understand what? Why do they buy your product or your service? What resonated with them the most, what made them make a decision to part with their hard-earned money and buy with you? What are the decisions that they had to make in their mind? What are the top three things that are the most important to them? Mystery shopping interviewing, your top 10 best customers and clients, or even your top hundred best customers and clients, will give you a field of valuable insights and data that you can leverage to increase your traffic. Now there are so many different ways to be able to figure out what your competitors are doing: you’re defining your ideal client persona you’re only on Amazon you’re, getting all this information, this knowledge from priceless resources. How do we leverage or right there one of the key things I kept mentioning, there’s two cool ways now that we can leverage this the first core way is all this content, the ideal audience with something that you’ve gathered. You should be able to see critical insights in your mind, should be firing with a ton of ideas. The first cool way is, we use the language we use, what your target is saying and we build content around that for your website, going from your web pages from the content of videos that you have the podcast or whatever content written content you produce and also On your social media, we want to use all this stuff that you’ve gathered there your target on it’s the same, that’s important to them and what’s not important to them and use it on the content that everything that you do for your business going forward. The second thing that we use it for is your digital advertising campaigns or your paid media, anything that you’re spending ads on that we’ve identified earlier on. We can use it on Facebook, YouTube. Google search, Google Display negative advertising on Outbrain tabouleh, whatever it is, ad roll. You can use all these things and guess what you don’t have to come up with a ton of content or a ton of copy. You have certainty, clarity and direction and what you need to do to be able to create successful campaigns, because you’ve already done all the foundational important research on the principles that matter through all the things that I just shared with you now, if you are able to Add this point see how powerful this is. You can leverage it in so many different ways and it’ll save you a ton of time and money trying to figure out things that may not even work that you spend hard-earned money on the biggest mistake that I said early on was that these businesses they focus On assumptions, they come up with things that they think is gon na work for their target audience without validating that specific idea. They don’t know what they don’t know and they test things that are based on their assumptions. You want to test things that are based on proven knowledge and proven things that you can gather on the process. I just share with you. This is how you leverage to increase your traffic from hundreds of thousands every single year to tens to hundreds thousands every single month. This is how you’d leverage and increase your traffic. Now that you know the invaluable process to be able to increase your traffic into the hundreds of thousands every single year and maybe potentially move that to every single month, one of the key steps, the frameworks, the templates, the step-by-step walkthrough. I want to share that with you on a digital mark university on Ben Sasse, uncom, a step-by-step walkthrough post of how you can successfully implement this for your business online to increase your traffic. I’M gon na give you a real-world application of a client or an actual business on how to walk you through the step on how to implement this now. Three things I want to do is we want you to comment below. I want you to. Let me know what are the first core stuff that you’re gon na take after you watch this video and what is one insight that you’ve gained from this video? You can share either or or you can comment below and let me know any questions that you have from watching this video and I’ll personally respond to you. The second thing I want to do is I want you to like this video. It shows me that you’ve got value from this content and incentivizing me to continue to develop this and create real-world trench’s experience. Videos like this for you to grow your business online. I don’t make any money from this is for me to give back from where I’m at right now and the third cool thing. I want you to do that’s the most important as I want you to subscribe right there. You see my face right there. I’M doing this for something I want you to subscribe to the YouTube channel and join one of the basketball youtube communities. There’S two 300 new entrepreneurs every single day that are joined this channel and learning how to grow their business online with proven digital marketing to go on there. I want you to subscribe to the channel and make sure that you see and receive more value from this and I’ll see you in the next video

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