8x SEO Copywriting Hacks To Increase Search Traffic

imagine if you could get all of your website visitors to hang on your every word if every click from Google were to stick in every visitor effortlessly converted themselves into loyal fans or customers all while your search traffic continues to grow that might feel impossible right now but I’m going to share 8 SEO copywriting hacks that will help you do exactly that I’m also going to introduce you to one of my most powerful personal copywriting techniques that you cannot find anywhere else but first do you know what’s really amazing about human psychology is that we always want answers to questions even if we have to wait a moment.

First, do you know why it’s because our subconscious is programmed to find closure, and that kind of keeps us hooked until we do I’ll tell you how to take full advantage of that psychological flaw by creating open loops in a moment this is a powerful way to keep people engaged but first I want you to understand that if you start your content with a question people will naturally be hooked in you can use specific questions like are you struggling to lose weight or something more simple like it sounds crazy right opening with a question will keep people hooked from the very first sentence because we are psychologically structured to be like that the second SEO copywriting hack I like to use is the bridge model it’s a brilliant way to keep people reading and you can execute it in three simple steps?

OK first you need to talk about the desired situation or where the reader wants to be next you talk about the current situation or where they are right now to bring them down back to earth and finally, you offer a bridge between the current situation in the desired situation if we jump over to the full SEO copywriting post on my blog you can see how I applied this method in the intro first we talk about the desired situation to keep people engaged then we talk about the current situation and where they are now right before delivering the bridge to help people reach their desired situation I also did the same thing at the start of this vid if you’re paying attention.

Next I want to talk to you about open loops which are one of the most powerful ways to keep people engaged I’m gonna show you how they work in a moment but first remember how open in your content with a question keeps people hooked in that is because they need closure with an answer and you can create open loops within your content that takes advantage of the same psychological principle first UTS readers with something that they want and then you delay giving it to them take a look at the intro of this seok study post for example I show them the results before opening a loop of how we did it which forces them to scroll down the page to close the loop but the more that they scroll the more open loops that they will find like this one or this one where I tease the full link building strategy later and if you didn’t notice I created an open loop about open loops earlier in this video I’ll tell you how to take full advantage of that psychological flaw by creating open loops in a moment this is a powerful way to keep people engaged.

But first I want you to understand that and as we are just close that loop with this section of the video now it’s a good time to tell you that wasn’t even the coolest trick in this video in fact the best trick goes against everything you have ever heard before but I’m saving that to last for now let’s talk about why you shouldn’t save the best till last in school you will probably teach that good writing builds up to an amazing ending you create a beginning a middle and an end but it’s all about that amazing ending the problem with writing for the web is lessened 30% of people are going to scroll down to your amazing ending so you need to start with your most amazing content rather than ending with for example with my case study post I started by showing the results or the end first but under traditional writing rules I should have only shown that at the end instead, I’m using the end to hook people in at the start rather saving the best to last.

Next, we need to make sure that skin readers are hooked in and the way we do that is by writing tantalizing headings and subheadings that keep people moving down your content and I’m going to show you how to double down on that advantage in a moment but first I want you to understand that you should be using subheadings to sell people on that section of your content for example if I want you to replace a bike chain I might look at this page where they used different steps of the process in headers to keep me scrolling down or you can get more creative with your subheadings and use them to tell a story you might create an article called how to relocate to another country and then use different subheadings to tell the story.

Then just by reading the subheadings people can get a solid grasp of this story and each heading serves as an opportunity to catch skin reader’s attention and pull them into your writing you could even spice it up a little for example you might write something like how coffee saved my life and then break it down into tantalizing subheadings that are designed to tell your story while increasing the chances of catching skin reader’s attention and hooking them in once you’ve upgraded your subheadings we can double down with hack number six a table of contents you might have seen these at the start of my posts and I’ll show you how to add your own table of contents in a minute first I want you to understand how powerful they are the first thing that they do is increase your visibility in search results by adding extra links to all of those tantalizing headers you’ve written which in turn helps you increase your click-through rate from Google.

Secondly this table presents additional opportunities to tease and hook people into your content from the start all you need to do is install a free plugin like table of contents Plus which will take care of the heavy lifting for you and that brings me on to hack number seven which is to use power words to create emotions in invoke up if that sounds confusing then just find the links under the video to these two books which are jam-packed with power words broken down by description and benefit for example if you want to write a romantic copy you could just flick to this page for ideas these books are set on my desk and also include a bunch of extra copywriting tips and structures and much more for your quick reference but the most important SEO copywriting hack of all is to optimize for something that I call attention efficiency which basically means you say more with less you see where most people are looking to increase their word count I’m actively trying to reduce my word count during editing why because we live in a fast-paced world that’s full of distractions so people’s attention comes at a premium and once I have someone’s attention I like to make sure they get as much of value for their attention as possible.

That means people can consume more of my content in less time and it also means that they learn quicker as well you’ll rarely see me use more than two sentences in a paragraph and that is by design look at this sentence for example I was able to reduce it from 26 words to 16 words while saying the same thing that’s a 40% increase in attention efficiency and I actively optimized every piece of content for that before I hit publish it’s all about packing in as much quality with as few words as possible and your readers will love you for it in fact I’ve got a challenge for you I want you to pick one of your most popular pages and then optimize it with these SEO copywriting hacks in mind it won’t take long for you to do but you’ll see the benefits almost immediately and if you want to learn even more copywriting acts head over to my blog and read the full post now but before you do that make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and get more great videos like this one and if you’re going to take me up on my challenge let me know in the comments below

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