Solo Ads – 3 Ideas That Work to Create Solo Ads That Convert

Every business requires sales to be profitable and stay relevant in the market. Aggressive business owners and marketers would indulge in a variety of advertising to promote their business brand and products for more sales and profits. They are likely to consider solo ads at some point in their marketing campaigns to reap higher success in conversion rates if they understand the dynamics of this marketing tool.

Solo Ad Ideas and Tips

Solo ads could be a costly marketing investment without much return if the marketer does not know what is required or expected. A lot of money could be wasted if the wrong type of solo ad is executed to represent the business brand or product. Marketers who want to indulge in solo ads for greater gains should consider the following 3 ideas for greater success.

Idea #1 ? Check out the Market Offers

The first action which the marketer should indulge in is to check the market for the current pricing and services offered on the solo ads market. Marketers would also need to check out the feasibility of their ad display platforms or websites to confirm their high traffic volume, which would bring in better returns to boost their own business.

Solo ads could be priced differently depending on the type, size and placement as well as frequency. Contrary to belief, Solo ads which are pricier than most others are a good reflection of their effectiveness in the market. This indicates a proven record of the host site or platform where the solo ad is to be displayed. The host is confident of the good returns for such ads on its platform.

Solo ads that are way too cheap in the market are to be avoided as these indicate a problem with the service providers in terms of ineffectiveness or less desired traffic. Marketers who want to indulge in solo ads need to compare the market offers and confirm choice options that bring about profit and gains quickly.

Idea #2 ? Freebie Offering

Successful solo ads must have relevant and useful potential business leads or prospect’s contact information to be effective. These potential prospects could be lured towards the business with a free gift that could be useful, such as e-books or latest market updates.

The freebie is a great incentive for more clicks on the solo ad with higher sales on promoted products. More web traffic is driven for the business opt-in page to grow the business mailing list instead of directed to the sales page which displays more product information that could be overwhelming to the potential business customer.

Conversion rates are likely to increase dramatically if good solo ads marketing skills are practiced. Driving web traffic to the squeeze page or landing page from the solo ads allows marketers the golden opportunity to connect and engage the potential customer more personally to discover their needs and wants. This would help the marketer to recommend the right products at the right time for a definite buy by the targeted customers.

Hence, the implementation of a freebie works well for the marketer in attracting the potential business lead to support or patronize the business brand or product. However, it is important to offer useful and appealing free gifts that would motivate or compel the potential business lead to take the appropriate action that benefits the marketer at the end of the day. A solo ad can only do so much; marketers need to exercise great discretion or wisdom to stand out above the market competition for greater gains to the business.

Idea #3 ? Avoid Pre-written Ads

Many marketers make the mistake of choosing pre-written ads for speed, but this decision could be costly with detrimental outcomes. Every solo ad published must be completely original as it caters to a different season, customer target or product. It is illogical to reuse the old solo ad even if it has been successful in past marketing campaigns.

Repeated use of solo ads frustrates consumers who want fresh presentations and originality. It is imperative to use original or fresh copies of solo ads that would give the brand or business a fresh and enlightening perspective that would gain consumer approval to keep current customers interested while attracting new business potentials.

Marketers should not rely solely on their affiliate managers or solo ads provider to design or provide standard ads which probably do not fit exactly into their dynamic marketing plans and campaigns. Hence, some initiative should be taken to rewrite a used solo ad which could be appealing to the current marketing campaign if a fresh design is too costly or takes too long to produce.

Pre-written ads reflect badly on the business brand and marketer as they imply non-professionalism or uncaring attitude to take more effort in pleasing or winning over potential customers. Repeat solo ads could turn off the targeted audience, which might have seen the same ad in a previous campaign as they are probably the same target audience for the brand or product. Moreover, if brand competitors have displayed the solo ad earlier, the marketer would be labeled as a copycat with nothing fresh or creative. Every part of the solo ad must be changed to give a fresh perspective; this includes the subject line as well as the text and images for greater effectiveness.


Marketers who want to deploy solo ads must be well planned in solo ads marketing approaches as this is an expensive marketing tool that may not generate the desired high returns at times. Marketers need to set higher standards on the generation of effective solo ads that would put them on a higher level above their competition for targeted potential customers to choose them over their competitors.

High quality and fresh solo ads bring about higher sales conversions when web viewers are taken in with the ad image and contents. The message must come across clearly from the formatting of the ad to the title or subject line for the web viewer to make a favorable decision on the brand or product.

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