Great Examples of Viral Video Marketing

Great Examples of Viral Video Marketing

Everyone knows how something goes viral online, we share it with our friends, who share it with their friends and on and on. It has to be something that appeals to a wide audience for it to continue getting passed on. Some viral video marketing target humour, some target us emotionally, some do both and then it just clicks and gets shared, forwarded, re-tweeted, etc.

Here are some examples of viral video marketing that hit it huge:

The Kia Soul Hamsters Commercial and Black Sheep Hamsters Video- this video and viral video marketing commercial are just fun, they are funny and cute they make us laugh. Cute animals and babies always are a hit. But dressing up cute animals and having them do human things is a perfect combination.

This is a good example of viral video marketing is the BlendTec- Blender Videos/Commercials- This went viral because it hits on the daring nature that most of us would never succumb to even if we thought about it. Blending an iPhone? Come on who would put a $700 phone in a blender? So it made everyone watch in awe and horror of an iphone getting blended up. But it made its point and left us wondering what were they going to blend up next?

viral video marketingEvian Roller Babies- Babies and animals again sells. Babies roller dancing and break dancing is just too adorable. Even if everyone knows its computer generated it looks like real babies and it goes viral.

T-Mobile Dance- Who doesn’t love a flash mob? Especially one with all ages and genres of music. And it shows the video being recorded and shared right there as it is happening.

The examples of viral video marketing above explain a few videos that have gone viral for advertising and marketing of major brands. The heavy hitters know that it works. But they also know you have to hit it just right to make it go viral.

Viral Video Marketing

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