how to create YouTube API Key 2019

hello youtuber in this video I will show you how to create YouTube API key in proper way first of all search for Google console cloud in or simply go to the link which we provided in the video description now you need to sign in with your Google account now you are in Google console cloud dashboard first of all you have to create project for your YouTube API key in order to create project click here now click on new project type your project name and then click on create now click on API and services now you are on API dashboard now we need to select the project which we created for YouTube API and key [Music] once we selected the project click on library’ now scroll down you will find option to create YouTube API key there are four different ways to create YouTube API key but in most case we use YouTube data API version 3 for the video data so click on YouTube data API version 3 now click on enable now we have to create credentials so click on create credentials here select YouTube API data v3 in second option you can select your preference but in most case we use web browser in third option you need to select what data are you going to accessing where it is public or user data here we select public data click on what credentials do I need now this is our YouTube API key just copy this and use it where you want thank you for watching this video if you think this video helpful then please like and share this video if you don’t subscribe to our channel then please subscribe to our channel to get more helpful video in future

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