5 Easy To Implement Tips To Convert Fence Sitters To Network Marketing Signups

Hello. Welcome. Today we are discussing five easy to implement tips to convert fence-sitters into network marketing sign-ups. I believe we all know what a fence sitter is it’s a person who is telling you that they want to get started they’re interested in joining, but they haven’t taken action and signed up yet so what we’re going to do is we’re going to dive into five Ways you can actually turn that around get them signed up and get them off the fence. So the first thing you need to do – or the first thing you need to know – is why people sit on the fence and there’s one of two things in network marketing. One it could be they’re trying to blow you off right, so you got to figure that I’ve got some content on how to get past. You know how to get that out of them, but today we’re going to be looking at the other reason, which is what they really are interested in they’re just kind of you to know they can’t make up their mind.

They just think getting off the fence, and a lot of that is because they don’t see the value in it, but it’s kind of borderline between the price and the value it’s almost like when somebody’s buying a car, they love the car, but they don’t. Just buy it right off the bat they sit and they think about it, and you know if they come down on the price. A little bit. It’Ll outweigh the value for the price or if they threw in some extra things. You know oh I’ll jump and bite. Now it’s kind of that concept. If, when they’re on the fence, you got to increase the value of signing up – and you know you got to just make them want it, and one way I put it is make them sit on a razor-wire fence.

So that way, they just have to get off right there they’re going to get off this fence. So let’s get into the five tips that are going to help you to get them to take action and get signed up. Alright, conversion tip number one is the paper application trick. This trick works so well that I actually joined the company. I work with now it’s my primary business. I joined them because they have this type of tactic in place every single week to help me increase the signups like it every week. So the way this works is in it, you have to have a binary. You have to be in a binary pay plane. Unilevel doesn’t work, but if you have the binary or some type of binary, you know bonus.

You can do this and that’s where, instead of when a person signing up and they’re saying, hey here’s my credit card instead of typing it into the computer, write it down on paper or the paper application that your company sends you. And when you get that information hold off on putting them in you go back and you call all the people who have said that they were would like to get in they’re interested and you let them know to say: let’s pretend like we signed up Susie who’s, a Chiropractor, we call Bob and we say, hey Bob, I just signed up Susie she’s, just a chiropractor, and you know I think she’s going to do really really good and I just wanted to let you know because I talked to you first and I just wanted to let you know if you could get in before this evening. I can get Susie under you and have her in your business right off the bat give you a good team member right off the bat, and this is going to increase that value.

You know there is a chiropractor, whoever there’s going to be under and right off the bat, and what happens is eventually. You know someone says hey, let’s do it. I’ve been thinking about this. Let’S just today’s the day, you know today’s the day. It’S take it or lose it when you get signup and it becomes to that day, you don’t stop until you’ve gone through everybody, because that too could turn a three turn to four turns to five. As you see it’s like at the domino effect, you can just keep this going and I’ve seen some days where it really didn’t do much, and then on other days it just blew up. So that’s the paper application trick put that into practice next time, you’re trying to pull next time. You get signup. Next, you have the invitation to the company webinars. This is tip 2. If you got people who are on the fence, they are trying to make up their minds, you should always invite them to your company webinars. Your company calls because they’re going to hear the excitement they’re going to hear the testimonies the success stories. The product success stories, they’re going to, hear all this it’s going to create excitement. You never know when they’re going to hear that something and somebody’s testimony that’s going to trigger them to be like you know you did, I got to get in now. It may trigger something that really resonates with them that you would have never known so always make sure all your fence, sitters, are invited every single week to every single call or webinar. Your company has okay, pretty simple works, really good number three. I call it.

Let’s party, which you should be doing with fence-sitter, and you should be doing this with team members, which is inviting them to live events when your company holds its annual event or whatever. However, it does it, you need to be going and you need to be bringing all your team members but fence-sitters as well, because when they get into this environment – and they see it with their own eyes, they hear the testimonies just like on the webinar. It will really really it will be easier for them to join if they’re, surrounded by everybody else. That’S in the company. You know and they’re the oddballs sitting out there, I’m not in it, but everybody else that this party is it’s going to have a strong influence on them, wanting to be part of the environment, so make sure you bring as many fence-sitters as you can to The event and you do it in a sense of let’s take a vacation, we’re going to Las Vegas we’re going wherever the event says, come with us and let’s have fun, and you can plan these things out way in advance and if you’re lucky And they get signed up before the event great, but try to get them to the live events.

Number four: you got to be building an email list anytime, you get a fence-sitter who is not joining but said they want to join, put them in their own list. That way, you can send them an email every day or email them when a webinar is coming, because if you prospect a lot you’re going to start getting it’s going to start turning into hundreds of people. So it’s going to be hard to keep up. If you get a new sign-up, send out an email, no hey, if you can get in tonight, this person is under you. First come first serve and you’ll be surprised at how the email list will just bring you a few people. Every time you send out an email when it starts to grow, put them in an email list, keep in touch with them because you got to keep the constant connection going right.

Conversion tip number five. I call it to ask for referrals, but instead of asking for referrals, there’s actually a hidden agenda behind this okay, when you call up Bob, he hasn’t joined yet right, say: hey Bob, you know we got this. You know a new product coming out and you know I know right now you haven’t been able to. You know, get started whatever we got this new product coming out. I was just calling to see if you know anyone with you know smelly feet. You know we got this product, it stops stinky feet. I need to know if you, if you got any referrals for me, okay and Bob may be saying, is like holy crap. You know, I know a lot of people whose feet just really stink and they’ve been looking for something to get rid of it. This could trigger him to getting started. You could be like hey, I know you know right now. It’s not a good time for you. You said you know later on, but you know we’re really moving and I just need to know if you know anyone who might be open, making extra money and just keeps them going to where you’re not pressuring them you’re. Just having the kind of give you some names, you never know they may give you some names.

They may wind up, never join them, but sending you to a few people who will but either way you keep doing that long enough. They wind up, saying: hey, I’m just going to get in because you know I could. I probably already lost a lot of money by not signing these people up myself. So that’s conversion tip number five. All five of those are really simple: to do. They’Re simple to use – and you should put them into practice as soon as possible, so let’s go over overview, real, quick just to help you get the concept behind this to remember you got to increase the value of the signup. That’S the purpose of getting them off the fence, getting them to see the value number to stay in consistent contact with all your prospects always be in touch with them because if you ever lose that connection they’ll lose interest, they’ll forget about it, you’ll forget about them And you lose them so stay in constant contact never ever become addicted to the outcome, meaning if that person never joins, don’t worry. If they eventually say you know, I’m not interested anymore.

It’s okay, who cares? There’s going to be more people, so never become addicted to the outcome, and by being that way, you will attract more people to want to work with you so guys. I hope you got some value from today’s tips, be sure to subscribe and check me out on Facebook, j-card marketing twitter at Jay Carter. Linkedin shoot me over a request if you’re on LinkedIn but definitely subscribe, click that Bell notification. So you’ll know when my next video comes out and don’t forget you can visit my blog Jack are calm and pick up a free, ebook 20 ways to get leads right now. I’ll show you 20 different ways you can generate network marketing leads for your own business. So guys, thanks for watching – and I will see you next – video bye, bye,

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