Marketing Help – How Simplifying Your Message Brings More Customers

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If you want some great marketing help, here’s a quick tip on how streamlining your message can make it dramatically easier for you to win more customers. Mastering this will help. You increase the number of people who actually buy from you or become your clients, while reducing the risks and stress of growing your business. Now, for today’s marketing help video the lesson is simple: assuming your product or service is any good the easier. Your message is to understand the more people will buy from you now. It sounds simple enough, but it’s amazing how many people and businesses of all sizes and type don’t follow this rule. I recently coached someone wanting marketing help who had a really complicated business. The more he explained to me what he did, the more confused i became, so i had to draw out on a whiteboard everything he did to get a better handle on what his business was all about. For him. He was an award-winning screenwriter, as well as a PR writer and a promotional event planner what I realized, as he explained, the marketing problem he wanted help with was by his telling every potential client all this. He thoroughly confused them, so most didn’t know how to hire him and therefore most people did not to give him the marketing help he needed. I identified each specific type of client. He was trying to appeal to and created a simple explanation for each one of what he did and why they might be interested now for him. It turned out. There were two types of client he wanted to focus on companies that wanted someone to write and submit their PR articles to the media and people who wanted an event planner for their business. I often see people wanting marketing help who have confusing and unclear definitions of what they do in networking meetings and a trade shows at trade shows I’ll often stand in front of someone’s booth and have no idea what they’re selling. Often, when I approach even their explanations, can sound confusing now understand. This type of problem exists for everything from fortune 500 companies to small and even home-based businesses, where people do such a poor job explaining what they have or do that the right customers are not attracted or worse, are repelled by the seeming complexity. So for today’s marketing help tip an easy way to overcome. This is by defining up front who you’re trying to sell and then creating a simple message just for them of what you have and why they should be interested. Now for the client I was just mentioning who was asking for marketing help, although he’s most proud of his screenwriting, mentioning that up front only confuses potential clients who are interested in having someone right PR articles for them or worse, because he’s an award-winning screenwriter. Some people may think he has sky-high prices and that may actually turn them off. So for those of you on today’s marketing help video clearly defining your target customers, one at a time and then explaining why they should be interested in what you offer will greatly simplify your message and make it much easier for people to buy from you. If you found this tip helpful check out the amazing video on my website, two powerful techniques, everyone forgot to tell you, I think, it’ll blow you away. These are two simple ways: most people never think of to get more customers for your product or business. Often, at little or no cost, the video is absolutely free check it out now using a shortcut, great marcom,

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