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or the next for my nose I’m going to show you how broke blues musician and downsize corporate salesman were able to use YouTube to generate more than 14,000 network marketing leads in less than eight months for free with zero technical ability and no special equipment have you been trying strategy after strategy to learn how to get more traffic to your offers and more leads into your funnels what is your business look like when you’re bringing in two thousand fresh new targeted leads every single month better yet what did your bank account look like everyone knows that get more lead you need to get more views to your offer to get more views you need more traffic which is hard to rank a website on google period much less than newer domain you see google values or customers and wants them to come back and use them again so they want to give them information that they trust you’re just starting a website from scratch it’s going to take a little while for google to start seeing you as someone that they’re willing to send their customers to even then it could be hard to rival other sites that have been around a while have tons of content but what if you could borrow one of those sites the site that already has a ton of content aside the google already sees as an authority site the google trust did you know that google owns youtube did you know that video converts almost twice as easily as other traffic did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the planet only second to Google itself youtube is the perfect place to generate targeted free traffic to your offers easily a few things you’ll need to learn before you start though it’s not as hard as you might think we’re certain strategies and tweaks you can use to give yourself a huge advantage i’d like to introduce you to two traffic mojo product created by frank marino and mark Harbert two guys that use the exact strategy to go from broke to 14,000 leads in just eight months did you know you can actually customize the way your YouTube channel looks branding and separating yourself from your competition you can even find websites that make backgrounds for your channel or make your own yourself and upload them you tube traffic mojo you’ll learn how to create your YouTube channel correctly build Authority right off the bat pulling subscribers like crazy so that each new video has an immediate and anticipating audience now when you want to certain target a specific audience you need to do some research all your audience is looking for if you want people to find you through searching on Google you need to do it’s called keyword research keyword research is basically finding terms or phrases people search for through the search engines a summer search more often than others and some of more competition than others we want to do is find the sweet spot between difficulty and search volume remember having videos on an authority site like YouTube makes ranking higher for more profitable keywords much easier in tube traffic mojo you’ll learn the free keyword tool at mark and Frankie’s ninety-five percent of the time the biggest keyword research mistake everyone makes and how to avoid it and advanced keyword research tools that give you a huge advantage over the competition there’s still one problem though as easy as video marketing is we’re still things that hold some people back from doing it so the things that hold people back from using video in their marketing are they think they don’t have the right equipment or they don’t know what to say or they’re too shy or scared to be on camera the thing is you don’t need to be on camera there are sites that will turn the word you right into slideshows or even short animations for free tube traffic mojo you’ll learn why should I worry about equipment and how to get started right now what to say in your videos what to do even if you’re deathly shy of being on camera and the best tools to use regardless of your budget even if you have no budget there’s even one module at mark and Frank show you why they will never lose their mojo and are forever slaying their competition with their videos this cover technique will blow your mind it’s so secret I can’t even give you the bullets for it so if you’re tired of trying every single strategy under the Sun but not getting any results even if you already use video marketing but want to supercharge results going to encourage you to take the next step and see what mark and Frank have been doing that has brought them so much success online what I want you to do right now is click the link in the description box below for free 24 minute video on exactly how they found in mojo and are helping others find it too if you go right now you’ll get immediate access to a live three-hour training these guys did spilling the beans to a lucky few members in an attraction marketing system anyone can do this strategy you just need to follow steps so click on the link below right now and I look forward to speaking with you soon

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