Pictory AI Review – Make pro videos just from a script

Pictory AI – Easy to use video creation tool that produces amazing videos

Hello.And welcome to this review of Pictory AI.I really like Pictorial AI now.It just makes videos really easy to produce, and the videos you can make look amazing.So we’ll start here.We can put an article from the web and it will make a video.We can put a script here.We can put in images and it will make a video out of it.And we can use this option to add subtitles to videos.But really, today I’m going to concentrate on a scripted video.So I’m going to click Start.So all I’m going to do is paste a text that I prepared earlier because I’m going to provide video production services.And I’m going to put a point here and it does a little spell check and it keeps track of your characters.And then all you have to do is click Continue.You choose your aspect ratio.I always do 16:9 and then it disappears and does stuff.So it will take stock media and take it from Storyblocks.You get very good stock media.Gives sound to it.

Pictory AI Review - Make pro videos just from a script

How to make a great video without spending a lot of money

You don’t always get what you want, though, and that’s a pretty important thing to talk about.So an assumption is being made here.Maybe we have a video production.We have office footage, indeed.And it’ll put your text on the bottom and put it to music, and you can do a voiceover as well.So first of all, before I go and modify this image, I’m going to take a look at the styles.So styles cover scene transitions and how text looks.I really like this one.I think one is pretty good.You might want some different ones because if you’re posting it on Instagram, this one would be better for Instagram.I made my style and what I want to do is edit this.So I’ll put it here.This is great.I will click.I don’t think we need this scene.I shouldn’t have put it on.So I’ll delete it.This is good.That’s how it came to this.Yes.I don’t think this is very good.So I want to break this down.So I’m going to click here and I’m going to select insert scene and I want text and visuals.

Pictory Videos: Create Professional Videos in Minutes

I went and clicked preview and something regenerated everything.And let me add some text here.So I did this.And now I want to just get rid of that text there.Now I did this in five scenes instead of four.I wonder if that needs another scene too.So what I’m going to do is cut it.And then I’ll go and add another scene.I can add the text to the ready.So now it’s looking for visuals, for a background.And I really want to tie these two scenes together.So I’m going to connect these two scenes because I split them up and I’m going to connect these two scenes and now I’m going to go and do the visuals.So let’s take a look at this scene.First, I think it’s better that way.This is a better year.Video production services because I will be doing more editing related stuff.Really right.This one.Let’s take a look at the many YouTube videos made.Let’s see what they have for YouTube.That’s better.I guess what I would like is the ability to be able to flip it, flip it horizontally.

Using Pictory’s Brand Settings, You Can Always Keep Your Videos Cons

It would be nice, but it doesn’t matter.And since it’s linked, I get the same video on both slides.So linking it keeps the same slide and just changes the text.So I’m pretty happy with that.And it will be 41 seconds, which is absolutely fine.Now I go to the audio and I chose this pop rock candy.I’m not sure I like that.So I’m going to try this beautiful stranger, much better than pop rock candy.I’ll hit preview and see how it is.Here we go.It previews very quickly now when it previews.So there are a few other things I want to talk about while I’m here.We have brand settings.So what you can do, you can add a logo, you can add an intro, a title, various other scenes and ending elements and they’ll always be in the brand settings.It’s not something I use, but you can put them in there and you can put a preset for your brand.So you will always have the same consistent logo, intro, title and outro.I think that’s really good, but I’m not going to use it in this video or show it.

Big G Video now offers voice-overs for your videos

So now I want to talk about adding voice-overs.And there are two ways we can do that.If we click on the scene, what we can do is upload a voiceover or record a voiceover.So if we record a voice-over, it will just record that scene.I will do it now.Big G Video now offers video production services and all I have to do is be able to apply it and it will save for the scene.I can speed it up if I want, but I already recorded the voice over, so I’ll leave it as is.Big G Video already offers video production services.I have made many YouTube videos ranging from unboxing videos to explain it, now I would like to offer video production services.The other thing we can do is if we go to audio, we go to voice-over, we can add text-to-speech, voice-over.So I’m going to add Brian, so I click apply.And what’s going to happen now is that text-to-speech is going to be done automatically based on this text here.What we can also do is speed it up if we want.

Pictory AI – A Powerful Video Creation Tool

But if we go to audio settings, we can adjust the background volume so that we can hear the text in speech.Big G Video now offers video production services.I have made many YouTube videos ranging from unboxing videos to explainers.Now I would like to offer video production services for businesses or individuals and YouTube coaching sessions.Another really nice feature that this software gives you is that you can download the video of course, but you can also download subtitle files like SRT VTT files and you can download the text file.But I don’t know why you’re doing it because you’ve already introduced it somehow.You can also share the video via a link and this just lets people view it before you force them to download it.So overall I think Pictory AI is an excellent piece of software.It’s really good for making videos quickly and especially for creating headless videos where you can’t see the person talking.I think it’s an excellent product.Thank you so much.And goodbye..

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