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Youtube or Vimeo, which video platform is best for your company? YouTube and Vimeo are the two most popular video platforms to upload your video. That’s why I often get the question: Noor, YouTube, or Vimeo, which one is better for my business videos? In this video, you will therefore get a comparison between YouTube and Vimeo and you will learn the main differences between these two video hosting platforms. YouTube and Vimeo each have their pros and cons, which you can read about in more detail in the article on

But after watching this video, you can already make a choice for yourself to put your business videos on YouTube or to share them on Vimeo. Or both, as I do. At the end of this video I also share a tip if you have the idea to put a welcome video on your website, so keep watching. She helps top entrepreneurs from around the world connect with better leads through compelling video testimonials.

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Back to the topic of this video: Why choose YouTube or why Vimeo for your business videos.

The fact that you are watching this video is already a very good sign. It means you are looking for the best way to share your business videos. In this day and age, you naturally want to make the video resource part of your marketing strategy, but also of your business strategy. I suspect that you are now also thinking about offering some of your services online so that you can help your customers, even if you can’t physically meet them.

It is very nice for customers to gain new knowledge and learn new skills in their own time. It saves you a lot of time. You invest once in creating an online course with instructional videos and customers get a lot of value without it costing you extra time. For example, I recently gave an online implementation training YouTube for Companies, in which the participants also gain access to an online environment with instructional videos, example scripts, and complete step-by-step plans. And one participant said at the beginning of the training: “And I participate in this because indeed I always have mixed feelings about YouTube.

And I think you’re removing all that resistance today, Noor. Okay, well that’s the point. Because where exactly is your resistance to YouTube? On the one hand, because YouTube is of course linked to Google. I have everything on Vimeo and it has a very safe environment of its own.

I don’t feel very safe with it, I must say. Yes, I understand that.” That’s something I often see happening around me: that people put their marketing videos on Vimeo and not on YouTube. They think YouTube isn’t for business because it doesn’t have a professional look and feel and shows a lot of ads. Either they think YouTube is just for vloggers, or YouTube won’t work until you have a really big YouTube channel.

If you think this too, then you are really missing out on opportunities. This brings me to the first point, which is Video SEO. Because of course, you want to be found. And one of the best ways to do this is to use YouTube videos.

Sharing videos on YouTube is very smart because your video can appear on page #1 of Google and YouTube.

If you know how to do that in the right way, i.e. how to optimize your video, you will benefit from it today. But also tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and in years to come. That’s why I’m so excited about YouTube because your videos there has a very long shelf life.

I’ve put videos that I put on the Internet years ago on YouTube. They still bring in new visitors every day. And that’s just completely organic. Without spending even 1 euro on advertisements. It also works if you have a small YouTube channel like mine.

I have far less than 1,000 subscribers and yet I am getting new customers through my YouTube videos. This also applies to the participant in my YouTube for Business implementation training. We’ve never met in person. She saw one of my videos on the internet at one point. She got on my mailing list, she continued to follow me through my newsletters and she became a customer.

Think for yourself what it would be like for you if you started getting customers this way. It can also work for you. Back to the YouTube vs Vimeo comparison. For video SEO, so for search engine optimization, YouTube is the absolute winner. Then we move on to the next criterion, namely version management of your video.

If you make a video today, there is a very good chance that you will want to change something about it in six months, because the content is no longer current or just need to change something.

At Vimeo, you have the option to replace your video with a new version and the video link and statistics will be kept. To give you an example, in my YouTube for Business online course I have an instructional video on how to get more viewers for your video. There has been an update in YouTube recently so, of course, I have adapted the existing tutorial video so that my customers can see how it works now. All I have to do is upload a new version of the video, without having to adjust the settings at all.

The embed code of the video remains the same, so I don’t have to change anything in the online environment of the course and the statistics are also preserved. So that’s ideal. While, if you put your video on YouTube and you want to change something about it, you can do 2 things: You can leave the original version of your YouTube video and upload a new version. The comments, views, and all statistics of your video are therefore preserved. You only have 2 videos on the same subject.

The second option is to delete the original version of your video.

Anyway, with that, you also lose all reactions and the statistics are all lost. You will then upload a new version of your video and optimize it for certain search terms for which you want to be found. For version control of your video SEO, Vimeo is the winner in my opinion. because you can easily replace a video with a new video.

Then we move on to the next point.

YouTube or Vimeo on your WordPress website. If you have a website for your business, chances are it’s a WordPress website. And of course, you want to have a video on your website so that people can meet you and get to know you. Although it is possible to upload a video on your WordPress website itself, WordPress is of course not made for hosting videos.

Of course, your high-quality videos are usually large files and take a lot of time to load, especially if a visitor to your website has a slow internet connection. I can therefore advise against uploading videos to your WordPress website itself because it makes your website very slow.

You want to have a fast website, to give the visitors of your website a good experience, but of course also for Google, because a fast website is just very important for Google to rank high in the search engine. So, if you want to show a video on your website, it is much better to embed your YouTube video or Vimeo video, i.e.

To embed your video on your website. This brings me to the last tip, which is especially relevant if you are going to embed a video on your website. And that’s the video player. Vimeo’s video player offers you a number of great options that YouTube does not have. Such as that you can color the video player in your own house style, so you enter the color number and the video player fits completely into the look and feel of your branding.

You can also add your logo to the video player and make it clickable to your website or to a special landing page. And that of course gives a very professional look. YouTube’s video player doesn’t have all those options. Well, YouTube or Vimeo: which one will you choose? So it all depends on what goal you want to achieve with your videos.

If you want to be found well, then you definitely want to put your marketing videos on YouTube.

That’s why all my marketing videos are on YouTube. And all customer instruction videos are on Vimeo. That is so clear. Yes, this was me.

A complete overview of the comparison between YouTube and Vimeo can be found on my website Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified when I have a new video for you, about video marketing. If you know people in your network who have been helped with this information, please share this video, I really appreciate it. And if there’s a topic you’d like to see a video on, let me know in a comment below this video.

Thanks for watching this video and I look forward to seeing you in another video…

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