Membership Site No Geek Heads Allowed

Membership Site No Geek Heads Allowed

Member Genius Easy Setup Membership Site

Warning: No membership site geek heads allowed in this one, sorry You can’t win if you don’t play… And what frustrates me to no end, is when I’m trying to help people make a living online or just increase their monthly online income… Membership Site No Geek Heads Allowed

  • – And I ask questions like:
  • – Where is your site?
  • – Where can I pay you?
  • – How many people come to your site per day?
  • – Out of those people, how many buy?
  • – What size is your list?

And they either don’t know an answer, don’t have an answer or are too shy to give me the answer… and that’s OK! Membership Site Installs in Minutes on WordPress But let’s be real… if you aren’t where you want to be, then the world isn’t “conspiring against you”… chances are that you let your problems become too big and you need to INSTEAD break those problems up into manageable, bite sized pieces… Problem: Not making money online Solution: Setup a simple web page where people can pay you money Problem: Web page is setup but no money or not enough money is coming in Solution: Get more eyeballs on that web page Membership Site And I want us to get together to take care of this problem (get you where you need to go, whatever that next “milestone” is)…

  • WITHOUT the computer geek speak (no mentioning of cron jobs or child themes)
  • WITHOUT marketing geek speak (no mentioning of 1-click up-sells or EPCs)
  • WITHOUT motivational speak (you need to do just a little more than law of attracting it)
  • Installs in Minutes on WordPress

No uploading, editing, or setting up databases ever again… just install this plugin in 1-click onto any WordPress membership site to start protecting it immediately and take payments. (Works with any themes or plugins you have.) Unlimited Members & Levels Sell multiple products inside the same membership site, setup funnels, upsells and downsells… create free, trial, or paid options (or any combination) Take Instant Payments with PayPal Automatically take online orders: single payments, recurring payments, or trial payments… prevent your downloads from being passed around, and instantly block access if customers refund or cancel. Integrates with Any Email Autoresponder Build separate email lists of your prospects and buyers… compatible with ANY autoresponder including Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse, InfusionSoft… just paste in your web subscription form and you’re done.

Membership Site No Geek Heads Allowed

Membership Site That Must Be Member Genius


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