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You are going to wonder right now, especially if they’re even open right so uh.That’S the problem.Now this tool That number is the actual data points that we wanted to build this list.We went to a lead broker and we said you know if we wanted to get a lead and we wanted to collect three different types of information on them.We wanted to get their business information right, the general business information. They said that would be 76 cents.We want their website details that would be 21 cents and we want the social media information that we’ve compiled here.They said that would be 34, so each lead total cost is a dollar and 31 cents.So you know in the short time i ran that search we’ve already built a list that would have costed the price of the course pretty much right.Now we’re a couple dollars short but included in the course over this launch we’re giving you a unlimited unlocked account what you get yeah you’re, going to get as many unlimited searches for free.

Google SEO Tips: Checking For Social Media Connections

So that’s so cool yeah!It’S it’s!It’S a steal.It’S a steal, and you know for those of you um that are just looking to get like other information, i mean you can use this tool for other things too um.You know this this column here or this category here.This is website details where you can see if we have a facebook connection to the website like an instagram.Other social media accounts right, and you can see that a lot of businesses do.They have a facebook connection with their website.These are all green.You know.Google business connection, no, this is for seo.People like this is huge right.You need to have, i mean if you’re doing local seo. You definitely want to have some sort of connection to your gmb to your website, like that’s a no-brainer, so that’s a weakness that you’re able to identify from a high level visual standpoint right.This entire column is red.You know, though you know you could probably pique some of those people’s interest.

Get a Comprehensive Guide to Succeed with Your Business with the Software

That’S so crazy that there’s that many without without google, my businesses, yeah and look we have we have their actual email address too look we have. This is the members area, so when you get in um, you have all these sections right.Look at all this holy training, training uh.This is the software section um.You know we have setting your foundation.This is the opportunity and everything outlining the service overview, the outreach and the sales.You know how to do all that, how to prospect with the software and then how to fulfill so literally everything you need to be successful.With this and uh, you get that instantly as soon as you pick it up through uh the link below this video um yeah, i mean i, i really look forward to hearing more about everybody’s success with it, because we’re already having people that are closing deals that Have gotten in the last 24 hours wow?Well, i definitely, i think, it’d be cool to to do the same thing on the channel.

The Unique Selling Proposition of the Tool

I think maybe we’ll we’ll use it and uh we’ll actually uh try to show people a live example.We have a couple more questions that just came in um.How often is the listing updated?How often is the listing i think they’re talking about like if somebody new comes in to that area or something oh, this is like updated in real time like so what the tool is doing under the hood.I’M glad you asked that question. So the tool is basically pulling information from different databases.Several databases actually and scraping right.It’S taking scraped information database information and it’s cross-referencing all that information with each other to make sure that it is correct and verified.That’S why that email, finding capabilities of that tool is like second to none, because it it makes sure it’s the right one.You know, and it’s not just from like one place, it’s cross check so um.

How to Verify Your Email Address for SEO and Marketing Success

You know if somebody new came in tomorrow like and you searched today, you wouldn’t find them, but if you search again tomorrow, you would find them nice, that’s cool, so it’s not just like some bulk list that was uploaded and then you’re just they’re just pulling it Up yeah, no, it’s not like experian data or something um.Sorry, by the way everybody for whoever got muted in chat.It might have a weird robot that moderates kind of to like a toxic parent um dave wants to know.Does this need proxies to run, or can we just run it from our pcs without any issues, yeah?So uh?Let me pull it up for you real, quick, that’s a good question too! So the uh i did have it open so um you can number one.You can use email verify too.If you have email verified, you don’t know verify you don’t need to because they’re already verified.But if you want to get like another level crazy, you want to get even more crazy.You can use uh, verify bright, verify or never bounce um.

How to use Proxies for enhanced city search

So when i’m searching one city i don’t i don’t need a proxy right like i can build this massive list.But if i do the upgrade and i put like five cities in there, then then you can use proxies so um you just buy proxies for whatever and then you can implement them so uh.If you take that upgrade where you get the unlocked four additional cities – and you can search five, this button here will become uh it’ll.It won’t be grayed out and see where it says, cities, it’s kind of faint right.You have to click that and then you’ll be able to put all five cities there and then, if you want to use proxies, you just click on this section, and this is where you put your proxies in nice. Apparently we just already got a sale.Bert just got it no said, bought it.What the heck happy face.Oh, i thought he got a sale of like he got a new uh client, oh no!He just he just got it.So i’m interested to see how it goes for him.Thanks for yeah.

Can This Fiverr Gig Be Used As A Standalone Marketing Technique

Let us know for sure they get like a facebook group and stuff too right where they can show what they’re doing yeah yeah i mean.So you know when we started our community.That was where we started.We had a facebook group and it’s it’s a really active facebook group, like people you’ll see people that are like closing deals and people asking questions and super active and you’ll find that in the members area. That’s awesome, yeah are you in there um?I think i am, i think, yeah i think i’m definitely in there, because i i saw your your post the other day, okay um, but i definitely got ta.I got ta get into this for sure.Um, okay, uh luxury card store wants to know.Can this be used as a standalone, fiverr gig yeah i mean you can do anything on fiverr.I think i think i think they’re asking if like if they could run these for people and then sell it like as a you know like a five dollar or ten dollar scan for them or something yeah.I mean you, i guess you could, like.

SEO and Marketing Techniques: Cross-checking and Verifying Information

Oh christian said: he’s gon na buy it when he gets home.Um ninja says: is this only the usa or also other yeah?Okay yeah?I think we already got that one um.So if you’re gon na search out of the country, then just don’t put a city and put the region, you know you can do something like that or sorry you put the city and uh put the put wherever it is: london, london, london, london and maybe double Tap there, it is cool, that’s so cool.It goes everywhere.Wow!That’S that’s a lot of data man.That’S a lot of data. Look how much with how quickly it’s coming in and it’s you’ll see these emails are processing.That’S because it’s cross-checking and verifying that information right now holy cow, that’s so cool!Look at that this one david at london, kent roofing, dot, uk he’s in dulwick, london, my god, some of these places are gon na, have to speak a different language and get a hold of these people yeah.

This is a GREAT DEAL! – SEO and Marketing Techniques

That’s so cool um, all right cool!Well, thanks for showing us this nick and again thanks for taking the time out of your day, and i think the deal you got on this is extremely like it’s probably one of the best deals i’ve seen you know.Usually, people sell these huge courses and stuff without any tools or anything for, like you know thousands of dollars so can’t really beat what you’re what you’re giving away here.Basically, you know they’re, basically stealing from you at this point.I think no, i mean you guys.This is a it’s a it’s a great deal.Um, you know, part of what we like to do is really like.Our community really grows by the success of everybody in it.

SEO and Marketing Tips to Help Your Business

You know if we, if we can have this like massive community of people that are just leveled up, crushing it and when new people come in like they join our ranks and they get like lifted up to do that as well like that’s what we want to Do and that’s what we’re doing you know, there’s there’s so many businesses that need even this little foot in the door service that we’ve talked about like i couldn’t.I couldn’t go out and get them all myself like and – and this is this is doing a good thing like you’re helping businesses right now so well and it’s cool because, like you see that, like so many of these places, I mean it’s astounding how many of Them don’t have google, my businesses and you know if they were just to get one even just to put get put on the map just get verified.You know it would help their business tremendously.Oh yeah for sure yep i mean, and you can feel good about doing that, offering that as a service, you know helping them out with that.

How Nick Ponti Uses SEO and Marketing Techniques to Drive Traffic to his

So you know I like the idea of doing a little mini audit too um.You know, because there’s a lot of seo value data in here as well, and that’s actually what we do the most on the on this channel is we’re constantly doing audits.You know i had this huge audit template and i mean this would be a great way as well guys.You know to integrate with that, and i might even put a special on here we’ll we’ll talk about it later, but where uh we’ll talk about it later, but anyways um cool uh, thanks for being on your nick, i’m gon na end it now.If anybody has any questions, um feel free to leave a comment on the video or you know wherever you know, nick’s nick’s online.So i’m sure he’ll check it at some point and answer any questions and message me: i’m there i’ll message you yeah uh: where do they get a hold of you by the way?If they have any other questions yeah, you can find nick ponti on instagram.You can find me there i’ll um, send me a message.

SEO and Marketing Tips for a Successful Website

Okay and again, if you guys want to check out the the whole thing we talked about today, links in the description and uh cool, all right, we’ll see y’all next time. Until we do happy marketing see you later bye,

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