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How to create a marketing video that gets watched almost everyone in the internet marketing business is making videos to present their materials these days. This is good and all but now that the competition is sky high, people have to come out with better quality videos and better contents and creativity just to get some views onto their videos. And mind you, it is actually getting harder and harder each day just to get the attention to your videos.

Marketing Video That Gets Watched.Statistics have it that 76% of the marketer online these days is planning to product more videos this very year. And on top of that people are getting ready to invest into more tools just to make better quality marketing video that gets watched. They are doing all of these just to make sure that the video they make gets a little better response from their competitors.

There’s a simple reason to why marketers are moving into video creation more and more. And that reason is because a human brain is wired for motion. This means, people who watch videos are getting the messages easier than traditional written text.

So how can you create a marketing video that gets watched? Is there any way at all to guarantee views to it? Well, the answer is yes, and no. There are elements that can help out with video creations so that it can increase the chance of getting your video more views.

First Element: Paint a creative story and a call to action.

There is no better way to create a marketing video that gets watched that gets attention than a video that is interesting. So always sue your creativity to write out a good script for your videos. There’s no room for ‘Boring’ in your videos, and you must take extreme care to avoid it at all cost.

There is a need for balance between humor, creativity and information on your videos because your ultimate goal is to create marketing related videos. Too many ads and marketing videos these days focus on the creativity part and lose out on the information part. The video does get a lot of views but sadly, people are viewing the videos for the wrong purpose, and that is for entertainment. When this is happening, your ads, or marketing message usually gets ignored.

Always try to go for an informative and clever story to engage more viewers as an internet marketer. Plus at the end of the video you always need to remember to motivate your viewers to share and pass our videos around for even more views.

Second Element: Create Professional Video Quality.

With all your competitors doing the same thing each day, there is no longer an excuse for you to make a video with bad quality. When it comes to quality, you need to look at the audio quality and the video quality and let’s not forget about the script itself.

Besides that the overall amounts of people with bad connections are reducing all over the globe. In fact, more and more countries around the world are using higher-speed internet connection and the fear of slow loading videos is gone. Hence, if you’ve visited YouTube recently, you will realize that a lot of newer videos these days are in High Definition (HD) quality these days. While some are in 1080p a lot more are in the 720p. Hence in order to compete with your competitors, it is strongly recommended to produce your video to at least a 720p high-definition video for best results.

One good way to improve the quality of your video is to hire a talented producer to present your videos. Good producers or directors understand how to attract the attention of the viewers, and they know what to do to get them to share your videos around. Their talent can easily help you get your videos done and presented in a way to will get them watched over and over again.

A great plus to hire the professionals to do it is that they are well equipped for the task, and this can often save you tons of cost. However, if you choose to do this yourself, you will need to be mindful of the equipment that you purchase. Try not to buy something of overkill and instead do some research first to find out what you need to buy so that you will not overspend.

Take some tutorials on the lighting skills required for good and clear shots and be sure to prepare a good-quality microphone to capture all the important sounds and filters out all the needless noise.

Third Element: Spread your video via multiple channels.

When you have your videos ready, the next thing you will need to do is to market your videos through multiple video channels that is readily available on the internet today. Since it is a number’s game, the more channel you are able to broadcast your videos on, the better. The good thing is that most of these online video channels are free to use, and it won’t cost out a single penny. Contrary to traditional video marketing where it will usually cost a few thousand just for a quick 2-minute ad.

These channels can be anything from YouTube, Google Videos, Meta Cafe, or, etc. The most important thing is to always leave a proper description to your videos and link them back to your sites. If you can put in annotations to your videos, please leave a few good and useful links and that’s it. Do not crowd your videos with links that make it look spammy.

Always try to include an interesting title to your videos. A good video title is like a good headline and if you video title is bad then you can kiss good-bye to all the views. Hence spend extra time to think up a good title. Do not be afraid to change your title in order to test and see which one works best. Last but not least make sure you are properly tagging your videos with the right keywords so that it makes it easy for people to search for your videos in the correct category and if you marketing video that gets watched it then gets ranked high in the search engines, that your videos will be very successful indeed.

Marketing Video That Gets Watched.

Online Video Marketing – Why Video by AsktheDynamicDuo Online Video Marketing – Why Video? Eric and Victoria, known as the Dynamic Duo of Internet Marketing break down why online video marketing is the best way to market your product or business. Here’s just a few of the reasons covered:

00:45 1) Online Video Marketing is lots of fun
00:54 2) Online Video Marketing gets you instant rapport
01:10 3) People more likely to pick search results with videos
01:14 4) Online Video Marketing connects you with your market
02:08 5) Online Video Marketing gets a greater action response
02:28 6) Online Video Marketing is extremely cost effective
02:59 7) Online Video Marketing takes less time

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  1. There are really a lot of possibilities to how you can use the internet to advertise what you are or what you have to offer…

  2. I guess this is why those Facebook ads have become so popular because thinking about it takes regular web sites weeks to appear on a search engine.

  3. social media idea is so much easier and faster to use successful online business blogs help you to increase your visibility

  4. Ranking? This seems like a pretty straight forward strategy that many online businesses use, which will increase your business.

  5. notoriety grows WHEN The report is delivered to you by email or when the feed back results are ready. I would say that is quite useful in our quest to get noticed. .

  6. Not to mention it isn’t going to cost me a fortune to get the info out there this way either. I think this is a good idea I have a lot of ideas that I would like to get out to the public and I was trying to decide if I should make a web site or something but I think the social media idea is so much easier and faster to use Cheers.

  7. Millions of people at the same time, don’t copy text or articles from other websites if you’re looking for a surefire way to gain

  8. I think the biggest thing to getting people to watch your video is to have things in the video that draw attention to the product or the audience liking. Why do you think that there are so many pretty women in commercials for beer and cars? That is the attention grabber and then they sell you the product. It is all in how you play the game.

  9. Know the audience and what the people want before you go out make a bunch of ads that no one is going to bother watching. Your audience has to be the main concern when you make an ad so research is the top thing that you need to do before making one. This is a good place to start doing that research so thank you for posting this for us.

  10. To a point here you are right but I think that saying people’s brains are wired for motion isn’t correct, the fact of the matter is the human brain has gotten lazier over the years so people have given up reading and they watch videos because they are lazy and that is the simplicity of it. If there wasn’t videos everywhere they would have to read so then what?

  11. People today are to lazy, they don’t take the time to read anything any more if it can’t be read to them or they can’t see it in a video clip then they skip right over it. It doesn’t make sense to me to keep feeding that laziness. You have done a great job on this post and I hope that you will continue to post more on this subject.

  12. We were actually discussing this last night at our Bible study, I know that seems weird but it is much the same when you are trying to get people to read the Bible, they are lazy and would rather have someone tell them what it says or what to do that is right or wrong then to pick it up and read it for themselves. It’s the same as these videos you are talking about.

  13. We have taught our kids how to wait for the video to come out instead of reading the book , why? Is society so lazy these days or in such a big hurry that they can’t take the time to read an article you have to have a commercial about it? This is truly a sad state that we are in these days and I hope someday it changed back.

  14. You are so right, if you have a video out there you have to have a good title for it to draw attention or people are not going to watch it which starts a vicious cycle of not selling your service or product so you wasted your money on making the video to start with. Great post really, thank you for the work you have done here.

  15. There is an art to this, you have to have the right idea and the ability to put it all together in the right way to make it worth watching in the first place. You also have to have a title that draws people’s attention, like anything to do with zombies and you will have thousands of hits to your video. This is a great piece of advice keep up the good work.

  16. I have noticed that it has gotten harder to capture people’s attention with video over the years. I remember how in the early days of streaming video on the web, all you would see, besides the professionally produced commercials, were crude, webcam videos of people trying to sell their product by simply talking and looking into their webcam. Then green screen backgrounds and graphics started to become prevalent even with small time entrepreneurs. I had to go out and train myself in video editing just to compete.

  17. I hate when people or spammers abuse a comments section in an attempt to promote their cause or to try and get backlinks. Don’t they realize that this black hat approach only annoys people and all but guarantees that readers will Not even consider their hard sale or click on their stupid, intrusive links. As for the publishers of this blog, thank you for your efforts to provide us with good information.

  18. The video revolution has clearly already begun. I like to create an article with all the keywords and details in the text, but also embed a video which highlights the main points and even the details. A video not only engages the viewer, but also gives your audience the convenience of choice. The choice between reading and viewing it. The later option is not just for those who are lazy and don’t like to read. It can be handy for those who are on their computer multi-tasking. If your video is heavy on narration, a person can listen to it while doing something else on their computer or even away from it.

  19. Has anyone followed any of the links on the right side of this page? There are some very interesting marketing concepts such as “Ping Kaching Auto Increase Backlinks Massively. I have not yet had the chance to look into all of them, but I did take a web marketing course one time and learned about pinging RSS feeds and then mashing them together to generate massive traffic. I just hope some of the viral video marketing strategies presented here are able to target the traffic.

  20. I have watched video marketing explode over the past five to seven years. I have also seen tools that help non technical persons be able to produce a decent video. Now I’m seeing tools that help you embed scripts into videos like the banner on this page. I have seen these types of videos on youtube. You will be watching a video and see a message appear that tells you to click to subscribe or to see other videos like the one you are watching. I think it is great.

  21. A viral video is simple in theory, but it is actually one of the more challenging tasks for a Marketing or PR Professional. That said, these viral video tips and tools on this site seem like they can really work. I would love to be able to say that these tips helped me make a video, and as a result of the video, web traffic has increased by X%, or qualified sales leads have increased by Y%.

  22. My friend recently launched a viral video campaign for his business. When he first proposed the idea of creating an interactive video using puppets to his partners, he expected strange looks. But they quickly recognized the break – through potential of the idea and signed on immediately. Once he produced the puppet video, he promoted it via emails, banners and text blurbs on key sites. He also leveraged Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The video went viral.

  23. Achieving video marketing success is sometimes seen as expensive and hard to do. Content creators are often disappointed with the amount of effort it takes to produce an online video versus the online exposure and visibility that it actually receives. But with new tools and sites like this, it has gotten easier and people have gotten much more savvy about how to produce / edit a video. The level of creativity that you see with some of these viral videos is impressive, and that means it is competitive. But who cares, just have a lot of fun doing it.

  24. In viral video marketing, the question that starts off any effort is “What makes a video worth sharing? Marketers and creative types are constantly on the hunt for video marketing tips. This includes us, which is why we’re reading this site. What we all want is solid advice we can use when thinking about getting maximum reach for our online video. I have been doing my due diligence by going on many sites and weeding out the ones that don’t really help. This site is not one of those.

  25. When people talk about inbound marketing, most agree that in theory, video is a great tool to attract new visitors, connect and engage with your leads, and delight your loyal customers … but most marketers would say actually doing video is a whole other ball game. Why are we so afraid of doing video? Most of us get paralyzed by the “no time, too hard” fallacy. We convince ourselves that we need fancy camera equipment and editing software to make video work … and there is no way that is happening with our current budget.

  26. In most cases, if you want to harness the power of video marketing, you have to get in front of the camera. The reason for this we no longer want to read. When we come to a site we just scan the material and hence much of the material is never read. The average person on the net only reads to a 10th grade standard. Allied with the fact that the average person only stays on any given site for 8-20 seconds, we have to grab their attention.

  27. I bought into video marketing many years ago. It doesn’t matter whether you create a marketing video advertising your services, a product demonstration, or even a promotional, feel-good video featuring your employees having fun and not taking themselves too seriously; (The Harlem Shake’ phenomenon) videos are certainly a fantastic way to engage with your target audience. That Harlem Shake phenomenon was an easy way for any office to easily get traffic. All you had to do was make one and you would have gotten in on the stream of videos that were searched for at record rates.

  28. I think everyone should try video out, to see if it works for you. I resisted video for so long due to my shyness, but when I did put some videos out there my audience reacted so warmly (and forgiving of my goofs) that I wish I had tried sooner. You don’t need professional gear, expert editing skills and software, and you don’t need a fancy script. You don’t even need to be super-confident in front of the camera.

  29. When I set out to make a video, I like to think about the type of viewers you’re hoping to reach and find out what they like to talk about with their friends. Online videos are a valuable social currency, increasingly used as conversation starters, social lubricants, props for self-expression and as a means of winning validation and approbation within a peer group. If the video you’ve produced is perceived to have a high value within your target peer group – because it’s particularly entertaining / relevant / meaningful to this group – it’s much more likely to get passed on.

  30. I love how over the past few years, faster connection speeds have allowed the smooth streaming of HD web video on both desktop and mobile devices, making video instantly accessible to web users and a necessary form of engagement for brands and small businesses alike. I have been waiting for this time since way back in the mid 1990’s, when I first started working as a web designer. I was one of the first to want to stream video, but was always met with resistance from other webmasters.

  31. I once had to make one of those videos where a company rep talks to the camera. What I learned is that you should find your internal cheerleader to be the person you put in front of the camera. Your marketing and sales professionals are not always the most likely candidates to be the star of your company’s videos. Consider the person in the office who encourages and has a smile for everyone, as his/her natural exuberance may be just the on-camera talent you’re looking for.

  32. I subscribed to the link at the top right part of this page and saw the video. Has anyone opted in and watched the video presentation? The way they produced this video was really quite simple. They used what sounds like a live narrator / voice over, but any one of you could have done it using a text to speech software. They even have these free online. I have seen other videos that use this. So I’ve seen some pretty simple videos that have gotten lots of views and shares.

  33. YouTube has released their most watched content lists of 2013. One of the most popular trends this year has been “prankvertising” – online campaigns in which brands play jokes on supposedly unsuspecting members of the public. This provides an example of how simple it is to come up with ideas. Just look at the trends and what is popular and you’ll find out that it doesn’t take a professional team to make viral videos. The most popular ones are sometimes the simplest videos.

  34. It’s clear from this article that today, video is the most interactive way of communication on the internet world. And that is the reason that Youtube has taken second place in search engines after Google (besides the fact that it’s also owned by Google). So with the emergence of millions of videos the need for video marketing develops.But to get your videos noticed you’ve got to know how to make good videos, as this will get you more video views.

  35. Believe it or not, people don’t visit websites to watch ads; they get to see enough of those on TV. While it’s important that a video effectively promotes a product or service, it’s just as important that it’s not overdone. No-one likes a salesperson who gives the hard-sell, so why would anyone want to watch an online video applying the same techniques? That is why I am going to keep my videos engaging and give the viewer a choice to minimize my sales info window.

  36. Although overly promotional videos are much more common, a lot of videos actually aren’t promotional enough for their intended use. For example, if you’re producing a video for a landing page, it needs to quickly demonstrate the benefits of the product or service and effectively lead the visitors to make a purchase. I can’t tell you how often I watch a youtube video and there is an embedded script that simply says: “click here or “if you like videos like this click. That’s not selling.

  37. I have been noticing that the focus on making the video often overshadows the marketing of it. I think it is kind of obvious that winning followers on YouTube requires different strategies than doing so through other types of content marketing. Some research company conducted a YouTube video study of the Top 100 brands from Interbrand’s 2012 Best Global Brands. After analyzing 200,000 business videos across 1,270 YouTube channels, they discovered more than 50 percent had fewer than 1,000 views. An ROI fail.

  38. With video marketing, you can measure views. You can measure how many thumbs up (or thumbs down) it gets. You can measure social shares. But that doesn’t always mean you should be measuring them. If you’re trying to use video to push your sales and marketing teams forward, you need to spend your time measuring the right metrics. I would like to hear from the experts on this site about the metrics that are effective for drilling down on visitors’ actions.

  39. I bet most people want to just go for broke by investing all of their budget in a single high-production video and hoping it becomes a breakout success that transforms their brand image, puts them ahead of competitors on thought leadership, or drives millions of dollars in sales. I’m sure it’s not impossible to achieve, but it must be a huge gamble to do this. Instead, you should view your videos as a wider content marketing campaign meant to generate ongoing, sustainable outcomes.

  40. Before creating a video, I like to think of what the online community will be interested in. Making a video that is compelling to a niche audience will result in great organic growth. But I know from experience that from that point, the journey just begins. After you have completed your video; strategize as to what keywords you want your video to rank high for. Since Google owns YouTube, the search engine giant gives a lot of authority to YouTube videos in their organic search results.

  41. It’s important to define a video strategy for two main reasons: it’ll make your videos more powerful, and it’ll help you assess how well they stack up. A strategy won’t hinder your creative process; rather, it will ensure that your videos are as relevant and helpful as possible for your audience. When plotting my strategy, I like to think about what I would like to achieve generally, as well as what I would like to achieve with specific videos.

  42. I have been excited about marketing via video for some time now. And as online video gets cheaper and easier to produce, and its effectiveness as a marketing method grows, more and more small businesses are jumping in. For small businesses, though, one big catch with video in past was cost. But that has changed. I am looking to learn all I can about video marketing and I hope to learn more from this blog, provided they continue to post new content that is informative. I even hope there are training webinars and other tools to make the process easier.

  43. Coming up with something like you did happens few and far between I think. If you are trying to make a video that draws attention then you have to first learn what they people are looking for when it comes to your product. Then work with that to get the right models, pitches etc. to put together a great video clip that really works.

  44. Some people have tried making a few videos themselves but their results did not end up being what they were expecting. Afterwards, like most online marketers, they probably gave up deciding this wasn’t the best choice for them. If this has happened to you, all you have to remember is it’s very normal for your first efforts to be poor. This didn’t happen to me only because I have training in video editing and it is a passion of mine.

  45. Video can seem like just another challenge to overcome, but I see a major increase in my business and brand awareness all from the power of video. There are a number of tips I could share, but the best one is easy. Simply put, it’s important to start publishing video on a consistent basis. I will leave the training to the experts on this site, and other sites you all may end up visiting. I happen to like training webinars. That is how I learned how to edit video, and I have gotten pretty good at it.

  46. Whether you’re teaching about your products or your industry, people search the web to learn. Educational videos give you a chance to show how smart you are and show why people should listen to what you have to say. Done well, these videos provide business process efficiency and can attract buyers. When I learned this I started making videos that were both visually appealing and that taught visitors to my community site about all the features available to them once they join.

  47. This is when viral videos go wrong. An advertising campaign with all the subtlety and finesse of an intoxicated streaker at a football game. A commercial for law firm is going viral for all the wrong reasons, even as the creators and their client, the law firm, duke it out over the concept. The video features a white man named Mr. Wong Fong Shu in closed-eye costume glasses and a bamboo hat yelling in an Asian voice; check it out:

  48. These two video marketing mentors look as if they at one point discovered the power and benefits of video marketing, just like many of us are doing now. I appreciate the fact that they decided to publish a site to help train others. I have read about networks of video sites that exist in a collaborative relationship, whereby the members of the network each share the content of others, thereby creating many views and social relevance to the videos of the members from the network. I am hoping to find something like this.

  49. You did a great job on this post your video was put together very well and I was actually able to watch the entire thing without getting bored. You have a great idea here and I think the more video take off in advertising the more people are going to see their profits go up. I understand that this is the lazy way of things but it works.

  50. Last week, the fast-food company Chipotle released a new marketing program, “The Scarecrow, which depicts a kind of creepy, dystopian world that makes a heart-wrenching statement about the sorry state of industrial food production. In less than a week after its release on Wednesday, 9/11, the video had attracted 3.1 million views on YouTube, almost 20,000 likes, and more than 4,000 comments. If it’s not the most poignant moment I’ve ever seen in marketing, I don’t know what is. It’s also a great example of a great viral video campaign.

  51. No matter what you’re selling or hoping to promote, I think video should be a consideration for your marketing spend and focus. With easy-to-use platforms like YouTube, nobody can blame technology as a hurdle anymore. Still, it’s difficult to come up with just the right message, tone, and approach to make video marketing pay off for you. I know every business is different, and finding your niche, and your audience, might take some time. But the great thing about starting under the radar, though, is that you can test and tweak and fine-tune at first before making a bigger splash.

  52. In our short attention span world, it’s best if your video is no longer than three minutes. Some people even consider this to be too long and recommend two minutes as a maximum length. An ever increasing number of people access YouTube videos via their iPhones, Androids and other devices. Avoid using any tiny print or any other elements that can’t be easily read on these devices. These are just two things I have learned recently when creating and marketing a video.

  53. The experts say that if you want to be a good video marketer, you have to put out the videos. And that is the area where I need to improve upon. My strength is in my training with motion graphics, but perhaps my biggest weakness is that I do not produce as much as I should. I really need to become a prolific producer. This goes not only for my video editing, but also for my writing. I hope some of the lessons I learn from this site’s training are ones that help me produce more.

  54. People love stories. They thrive on them. Stories allow you to put actions and words into context. When marketing a product or service with video, stories help you show prospects what you’re about, without making them feel “sold. An example of this are those videos that sell you on some get rich quick program (usually affiliate marketing), only they don’t sell you. The videos all follow a similar sales script format that goes into some unique rags to riches story. The buy button doesn’t appear until the very end.

  55. I am wondering about the banner ad on the top right corner of this page. I wonder what type of plugins or widgets are being offered. I wonder if it goes beyond the standard social media bar script that enables viewers to share the video with people on their network. I would like one that shows related videos at the end of the video, but I would like to be able to control the criteria for that related videos query.

  56. For decades the cost of TV advertising kept smaller companies from getting their word out via video, until now. Thanks to the Internet, YouTube, and the reduced cost of equipment and technology, any company can now afford to create and broadcast videos to a broad audience. Still, many are learning that just because you can shoot some video on your iPhone, edit it in iMovie and post it to the web, doesn’t mean people will flock to your business in droves. And this is where training like this comes in handy.

  57. I love video marketing so much because I have always had a passion for video editing. In fact, I took a training course on two of the most popular, industry standard video editing software programs: Final Cut Pro and After Effects. With all my acquired skills, I am ready to learn more about the marketing aspect of marketing videos. Now that I can produce them, I want to know the tricks of the web marketing trade and I hope I can pick up some valuable nuggets from this blog site.

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