How To Sell Courses in ANY Niche & Keep 100% Of The Profit

How To Sell Courses in ANY Niche & Keep 100% Of The Profit

Done For You Courses

Done For You CoursesPassive monthly recurring income online which means, you don’t have to actively work every day, Instead of working every day, you’ll work only once and set up a system that generates money for you month after month, but good news Done For You Courses, you don’t have to work, we’ve done the work for you, and you don’t have to set up a system because we’re going to give you the best of the best and most reliable system ever at a one-time price You never have to pay monthly recurring fees for this system ever again.

Now let’s have a look at how much you can earn with this system. Don’t worry if you’re yet to earn online, we got you covered, so yes, if your system charges $47 per month per user, 10 users will pay you $470/month Now with Done For You Courses the viral referral system we’ll give you will multiply that and make your users bring in new users, if you new get 10 users from each of the 10 users, you’ll get 100 new users.

Now 100 new users will pay you $4,700 per month passive income When each of the 100 new users brings 10 new users, you get 1000 users paying you $47 per month, so, what’s the system Cloud-based membership site builder application that gives you done for your courses – This brand new system is called “MemberVio” What is MemberVio? you might ask – it is a Complete Membership Solution With Done For You Courses Zero Transaction Fees Proven Software Gives You Complete Freedom & Control.

PLUS All these bonuses are coming to you for purchasing Membervio using my link within the next few hours…

Get In Membervio Now! To Monetize Your Knowledge With Over $8.3 Million In VERIFIABLE Customer Results.
1. AUTOMATE: Connect & automate everything about your business in one place Your content, your marketing, your transactional emails, & your products.
2. ANALYTICS: View reports to see how customers are engaging with your business.
3. GET PAID: Simple, seamless integration with PayPal, Stripe, JVZoo, W+, and 6 more platforms… get you paid easier, faster.
4. SECURITY: We protect your content like no one else is doing today.
5. INCLUDES 5 Done For You Courses:
Get earning right away with our included top-notch courses you can sell as your own.
EASY: No technical skills required. Nothing to download or install.

Enter The World Of Digital Success & Unlimited Profits In 3 Simple Steps
• STEP #1 Add A Course Simply get access & create the course of your choice to get started.
• STEP #2 Customize & Set The Pricing Customize the course to suit your target audience from within your powerful dashboard & name your price.
• STEP #3 Publish & Sell To Earn Unimaginable Profits Instantly share your ready-to-convert courses to begin making big bucks right here & right now.

Introducing – World’s #1 Membership Platform With Built-in Payment Integrations & Automated Account Management. “Membervio” Membervio Uses Futuristic Automated Technology To Help You Make Massive Passive Income Right Away

How To Sell Courses in ANY Niche & Keep 100% Of The Profit

Full Automation Everything is automated right from the second that a user gets access to your courses.
They’re automatically welcomed to the app using their personal username and password along with receiving their purchase receipt.
They’re also provided with a membership URL.
In case they forget the password, they can also retrieve it automatically.
Not just that, if they decide to cancel their subscription or ask for a refund, the app can make it happen instantly without any hassle at all.

Custom Membership Design Pick and design your membership site from an extensive set of themes.
Attract a large number of users and retain their attention using advanced features & settings created just for their convenience.
Easily manage member statistics, product statistics & rock-solid security controls.

Fully Customizable Sites
You can now create & control your membership site just the way you like it.
Make it look just like your brand aesthetics & colors.
Add your own domain and logo to reinforce your branding strategy.

Smooth Welcome & Onboarding
Your users will quickly and easily adapt to our system & take advantage of the Membervio courses you
sell to improve their career path, wellness, or relationships.
Our onboarding guide includes easy-to-follow videos that will empower your users to make the most of the Membervio platform. The more familiar they are with Membervio, the more they will be willing to spend on more courses.

In-depth Analysis & Tracking Our detailed reports that are generated regularly can be easily accessed by you to gain information about the product, location, devices, visitors, traffic inflow details, and lots more!

Reuse & Repurpose Lessons
Now you can replicate or reuse your existing lessons with just one click to create more than one stream of income.
Use one product in different situations and earn a huge fee each time.

Blacklisting Rights
For every user that threatens the sanctity of your course, you can simply blacklist them.
Avoid being exploited or violated in any manner with this effective security tool that is created just for you.

Coupon Creation & Usage Membervio allows you to create coupons from within your dashboard for your products.
It lets users apply them easily during check-out.

Member Insights
We provide concrete statistics to help you create a better user experience.
You can understand & access the number of quizzes taken, lessons completed, total money spent & login details for each member.

Member Progress Information Find out all about each member’s activity and understand their growth and progress. Use the members’ manager area to use information as a tool for your success.

Admin Member Management
Manage crucial aspects of member databases by getting the rights to handle their basic information, products purchased & transactions.
You don’t need a whole different team to take care of admin stuff.

Domain Mapping
Link your domain with tremendous ease.
Our step-by-step tutorial will help you create your very own space in the e-learning niche.

Member List Export & Import
No need to manually add each member’s name into this app or even to remove the details and add them to an excel sheet.
We give you an easy way to add & use existing lists of a huge number of users for a variety of benefits in just one click.

Keep Them Engaged With Quizzes & Worksheets You can generate quizzes and worksheets to get your members involved & figure out their level of understanding.
This not only increases the amount of knowledge they retain but also can help you determine how effective your courses are.

Enable Content Drip Feed You can provide a scheduled delivery of your lessons without being present all the time. Allow users to access more modules as they complete one section.
You can even use this tool to entice users into getting a subscription to your course.

Enable Lesson Expiration
Make your course time-bound to add the scarcity factor that’ll help increase your sales.
You can either set the expiration as a fixed date or the number of days from the starting of a course.

Lesson Sequences
Deliver your course in modules that are accessible only after completing one to ensure that your users are truly grasping the essence of the information.

Comments Enabling
Your users can now interact with you, ask questions and provide feedback using the comments section.
This makes the course extremely engaging & learning a two-way street as it is supposed to be.

Advanced Content Security
Your content safety is our utmost priority. To ensure that your data is safeguarded at all costs we have disabled right-click. This ensures that users don’t steal images from your courses.
We have also disabled copy & pasting. Along with that, we track the IP address & country to ensure we know all the users & can trace them in case of any attempt of theft.
Now, to be clear, technology is rapidly changing and we can’t guarantee that someone can’t do a screen recording while watching your course. But we take all the possible precautions we can to protect your site.

Collect Money With Seamless Integration With Major Payment PlatformsPlus, Secret Opportunity-TODAY ONLY – Now you can also host and sell courses from other people within Membervio. Take a look at the kind of money you can make with the included Commercial License, providing your platform to other course developers & charge a huge hosting fee.

DONE FOR YOU COURSES And that’s not all – As Our Way Of Saying Thank You For Trusting Membervio To Transform Your Future, We’re Also Offering You Three Incredible Fast Action Bonuses…

Fast Action Bonus: 01 Making 6-Figures With Membervio Valued at $497
Fast Action Bonus: 02 BONUS #2 Social Sauce Valued at $197
Fast Action Bonus: 03 LogoSauce Valued at $97

Creating membership content was always difficult until now, as you ALWAYS have to find new resources of content. What if you could use Done For You Courses to BEEF up your membership site? In this short training, we share exactly how to do that. Inside the Membership Site Learn exactly how to create a compelling PLR membership offer that has an average retention rate of 18 months So, What Are You Waiting For! Grab The Opportunity And Start Earning Money – RIGHT NOW! – How do you get your Bonuses? They will be available in the purchase receipt


Done For You Courses

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