ETSY VLOG – Model Photography and Studio Setup!

Hey everybody today I am doing a photoshoot, and that be interpreted to mean that I have to set up my illuminate for the set up, my lighting for the simulate which I’m halfway done, and that is generally entails about an hour or two of setting up my illuminate and unfortunately, that Is my least favorite percentage so I’ll go ahead and establish you what that makes, i’m going to be relocating that paraphernalium back there. I have various kinds of a tighten place/ photo studio, and so I have equipment like this. I have equipment like video, and I have rubbish all over the place that I have to relocate and most of stuff is pretty heavy like I have sandbags, which holds everything down, and a lot of this trash is pretty expensive and I don’t want to topple it. Over and it’s such a nightmare and I’m running a little bit behind, so that’s the first step for photoshoot and the next step. Did you be seen to what extent about a dress and formerly the pattern goes now, all I’ll start recording and indicate you guys kind of how to photoshoot how a photoshoot get and present you the step by step process, I’m already out of breath.

I’M going to take a quick nap and get back to y’all last-minute okay, so my studio is setup. My lighting is setup. My ponytail is FLAT. My seamless came from FedEx at the last second and it has creases. So I’m gon na try to use my steamer five minutes to the model comes or is supposed to come and so then get those puckers out. So wish me luck so it looked like that mostly use. I can Photoshop out most of the rest of the puckers. I consider disaster averted, so it looks like we I’ve phoned in my lighting, abusing my stunning, beautiful deputy, Christina and now we just wait on the model to arrive, so we’re we’re doing pretty good, even though I’ve been panicking all morning so great here we go my Assistant is here: the model is here: this is here hi everybody, ogle we’re working magical, I’ll, testify, y’all, look at the report, look about confidentials for get bracelets to stay where you crave them disguising tape. How do they seem from the breast great? How did they ogle from the back Awful, alright guys I am done, shooting I am spent.

The simulate is gone and I’m ready to come home, storming off it’s as off and I am not ready to drive. The next gradation is revising and the shoot took about four hours. Setup was about two hours. It shouldn’t really take two hours, but moving all that equipment annoying. What is that five hours, and then it will be another probably five to ten hours of revising, too shouldn’t make that long. But you know I am SLOW, sometimes when it comes to editing, because I’d like to come back to do it day after day. So it’ll take me probably two days ten hours, maybe five hours to five hour segments to edit and maybe I’ll do like a time pause of my editing in Lightroom and Photoshop the tree. I do that and demo you the final portions so I’ll got to get it.

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