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hi this is matt garrett with a quick video for new warrior plus affiliates if you’re applying to promote offers and getting turned down then there’s probably a simple reason why in this video i’m going to show you how you can improve your chances of getting approved massively and best of all it only takes a couple of minutes to do now I realize you’ve probably been told to just go out there and apply for any and all new offers but you’ll probably find you get turned down for more and more of them if you don’t take these simple steps now first it’s worth understanding why this is all happening basically over the last few months product vendors have been experiencing a big increase in the number and frequency of fraudulent transactions now this puts their PayPal account in jeopardy so they have to be more and more strict on who they prove to promote their products so they’re looking more closely at who applies and if you don’t meet some fairly basic and simple criteria you’re gonna get ruled out straight away now let me show you inside my warrior plus vendor account to give you a better picture of this in action so here’s my current outstanding affiliate requests now these are all from the last couple of days and you can see it’s quite a few 29 in fact now would it surprise you to find out that out of all 29 of these there’s only one that even comes close to meeting the most basic criteria I need to approve and affiliate the crazy thing is that it would have taken those potential affiliates under five minutes to fix that and I’ll show you how you can do it in just a moment now let’s have a look through some of these affiliate applications and their profiles so you can see the problem with them now as an aside I do apologize to you if you’re watching your new one of these affiliates but hopefully you’ll learn how to correct your mistakes from this video I’ve also pre opened a bunch of these profiles in browser tabs already simply to save time and I’ll show you why in a moment because it is important to the process so let’s skip across to the first one here we go we have an affiliate member or warrior Plus since May 2020 I very very recent no information next one same thing member since May 2020 no information next one member since 2020 no information and you’ll notice with a lot of these the names don’t actually it’s not a full name rad Hass okay fair enough that could be a nickname but again very very new member no information new member no information and name with a number on the end that one’s slightly longer name still got a number on the end still brand new still no information you’re getting the idea here on you you know all of these are members since this month I’m recording this in May 20 2009 that’s a step better but there’s still absolutely no information no way I can verify that that is a real person again we’re back to not very good name brand new no information brand new no information brand new you get what I’m aiming at here these profiles are empty now this is the one that potentially I might consider he’s popped his photo on there it looks like a real name with a real location and he’s even taking the step to connect his Facebook and Google came now the problem here is the Google+ account those don’t exist anymore so that’s irrelevant and the Facebook link unfortunately it’s broken we are asking worried plus to look at this because this currently doesn’t link through to the Facebook account that they’ve linked to it doesn’t go anywhere so it’s not actually helpful so even though Gabrielle’s a step ahead of most what all of the other profiles he’s put his picture he’s put his name but I’ve got no way of verifying that I’m now gonna have to spend time and go and verify it if he had taken a few minutes and filled in his profile that might be very different I think about it for a minute why would a vendor risk their PayPal account approving someone who is basically unknown and unverified it doesn’t make sense does it so we’ve gotta give them as an affiliate enough information that they can see you are real so let’s take a look at how we can do that okay so I’ve jump back to my account page which you can go to under the drop-down just click on my account you end up on this page click on edit profile and open that up I’ll pop across to that window and you have the option to make changes to your file page now this is really simple be as real as you can fill in as much information as you can yes the links here the connective cancer Facebook LinkedIn and Google don’t actually work unfortunately the moment hopefully by the time you’re watching this it will be fixed and they do Twitter dust so if you’ve got a Twitter account feel free to get that connected up let’s scroll on down and the easiest one here yes put your name and a picture in but you’ve got the option here to put in a short bio or tagline pop your blog in there pop your YouTube channel in there pop your Facebook profile URL in there pop something in there that allows the vendor to see that you are real now skipped on down the page simply to keep my personal telephone number hidden because that’s in this account the important bit here is this long bio introduction at the bottom the short bit at the top you can only fit in really one property so if you’ve got multiple properties you’ve got several Facebook groups Facebook pages YouTube channels blogs all these different things pop a few of them in here let it let the vendor be able to verify that you are real make it easy for them that’s gonna make it a lot more likely that you’ll get approval now as I said earlier this is really really simple to do and it takes just a couple of minutes but it will make a massive difference to the number of times that you actually get approved for promoting someone’s product now let’s pop back to look at another potential problem within the approval process itself now the process for vendors of going through and checking each of these profiles seems relatively simple doesn’t it you just right-click open a new tab and you can jump across and have a look at each one and check that they are actually legitimate but I’ve opened four there let’s have a look how many of those actually we get to look at first ones they’re fine second ones they’re fine third one we’re being challenged to see if we’re a human ok I now have to tick on the box and go through and fill in the relevant bits here to prove that I’m a human on often you’ll have to do this twice and you’ll have to do it on more and more profiles basically you’re suddenly slowing down the whole process because you’re doing two or three or four or five one go so for many product vendors it slows down the process so much they’re only gonna look at you if you’ve actually put a note in and they’re gonna read this note now it’s great to have a note in there but if you’re just going to put hello i want to advertise your offer that’s probably not going to be useful to solve that’s not helping the vendor to work out whether they should approve you so let’s take a look at what might be useful to actually include in that message to the potential vendor what we’re going to do is open up the affiliate request window within warrior plus which is basically what you see after you click on the request approval button over here on the right and again all we’re trying to do here is make life easy for the vendor we’re trying to show that we are real so so put something in that helps them see your real your blog URL a YouTube URL your facebook URL something simple so they can verify who you are so I’m going to click on request offer and send that request offer and we’ll pop BAP back and have a look at what that looks like within the vendors control panel so here we are back on my vendor approval page unfortunately the request that I was going to use as an example isn’t gonna appear on here because that particular affiliate is set on auto approved so the request just goes straight through fortunately someone else has sent me an approval request that we can have a look at now you’ll notice straight away that there is something new going on here there’s a little blue box under the score column but before we look at that let’s hover over the little box for the message and this particular affiliate has with the request sent a message saying my site is rock star JB’s comm and I’d like to promote this offer so I can go through to that person’s site to that potential affiliate site have a look at it and check that they’re genuine it’s gonna make it a lot easier for me as a vendor to make that decision as to whether I approve them or not so when you apply to promote a product use that message box and put something in useful not hello I want to advertise your offer but something real something that will show you are genuine it will make a difference so then we have this score option and this is showing me as a vendor that you made sales as an affiliate on the warrior plus platform that is a very very strong positive signal for me as a vendor but that’s always going to be your problem as a new affiliate how’d you get those initial sales how did you get on the board how do you start building your track record well whilst that is a topic for another video what I have done for you is put together a very quick three step guide to help you and if you’d like a free copy simply leave a comment below asking for map three and I’ll share it with you now remember most vendors simply want to know that you are genuine so show them that fill in your profile and include a message with something tangible in it when you send your request to promote their product I hope you found this video useful and please take a moment to like the video leave a comment below for that three step guide and please subscribe to my channel while you’re here thanks very much

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