3 Money Skills Everyone Should Use! Do This To Get Rich! | Dave Ramsey’s Last Warning

Residual Income Wires You as a SAVER

Yeah, It’s so hard to finally get some in the savings It’s hard to release it, especially if you’re wired as a saver.Now I’m wired as a spender, My wife is wired as a saver.Usually we fall in one of two categories I think you’re wired as a saver.She gets great comfort from having that pile of money more than she would get Great comfort from having a reliable car Me.I’D rather have a reliable car past the emergency fund.You’Re at the you know, this is an emotional thing at this point.It’S not a financial thing, It’s a, I have the money, but I have trouble releasing it, And so what that says is you’re just getting some.You know it’s a normal thing and it’s not a bad thing, but it just says I get security from that extra money.

3 Money Skills Everyone Should Use! Do This To Get Rich! | Dave Ramsey's Last Warning

How to Enjoy Money and Spend Properly to Preserve Residual

Beyond my emergency fund, And I’ll tell you this, I think it’s something we all have to work at one of our money: skills, There’S really three basic money: skills that you have Spending properly reasonably Learning to enjoy money falls under spending Learning to enjoy life with your money, Which is kind of what your questions about.The second one is: saving got to learn to save money, for emergencies, for college, for retirement, to change your family tree, to build wealth and learn to invest.You know learn to ride the investment waves like we’ve had in the stock market in the last couple of weeks.Right And giving the power of generosity to completely change you when you learn to give as the natural rhythm of your life, It changes everything So giving saving and spending Everyone has at least one of those that they struggle with Mine is saving I’m a spender.It’S no trouble for me to enjoy money.It’S also no trouble for me to give money.

How to Become a Better Spender Giver

A lot of spenders, It’s easy for them to be generous, because the release of money doesn’t bother us as much as it does a safer And if And so, But I’m weak at saving.And that’s why, God makes me teach us every day, I’m no longer weak at saving, but it wasn’t my natural default I had the intellect actually decide to have an act of my will to save and invest And really what drove me to do that as a spender giver is that I would have more to spend and give.If I built more wealth, I can spend more and get more And that’s my only reason for saving It’s not because I just love saving money.I still don’t to this day.It’S so you’re on the other side of this Riki is what we’re saying You know you, you don’t enjoy spending and we don’t know about giving You didn’t address that in in your thing.

Residual Income: How to Enjoy Money and Have It Last

Sometimes I can get spenders or savers like this to turn loose of their money first by increasing their giving And then that kind of gives them permission to also enjoy the money themselves.But it would be a shame to save and work and not enjoy some of your money, And one of the things you should enjoy is a reliable vehicle.And you don’t have a reliable vehicle You’ve been doing, you know, you’ve been doing beaters, And so you know you need to go, buy the car.You already knew that you weren’t asking about that, or you already knew that, But maybe also take a little bit of that money and give it Find someplace to be generous at your church or find a couple.That’S struggling or a single mom Then pay a light bill for a year or whatever, but find something to do because there’s something about giving.That kind of then gives you permission down inside your spirit.To also enjoy money, as money is fine.If you got some, you ought to enjoy it and enjoy some nice things Now.

How to Balance Your Income and Enjoy Your Life

If that’s all you do and you don’t save and you don’t give then you’re just a shallow twerp right.But you know to assume that just because someone has the ability to draw and enjoy money means that they’re, greedy or shallow That’S just bogus, And the way you can tell is what percentage of their financial situation is going towards stuff for them And if, if all the money you make is going to buy you crap, then then you’re out of balance.You know, But if you, if you’re, giving a percentage of your income and you’re investing a good percentage of your income and you’re enjoying some of your income on lifestyle purchases, travel cars, clothes whatever it is, then that’s in balance.Once you’re at Baby Step three and beyond, and that’s where Rick is But it’s a really good question Ricky!It’S a good question for me to stop and just kind of rant on our ventolin for a second here Teach on for a second, because sometimes people think well, you know.No one should ever have a car like that.

Why Billionaires Like This Billionaire Spent $ 6 Million on a

Why would anyone need a house like that?For Now I’ve got a friend that’s worth about $ 3 billion Now a billion is a thousand million, He has 3000 million, He has 3000 million, He spent 6 million on his house, and people send him hate mail.No one should ever have a house like that at his house, as a percentage of his net worth And his income is like you going through the drive through a Chick-Fil-A and buying a biscuit.It didn’t affect his life one iota to spend $ 6 million on a house.As a matter of fact, that’s a very conservative house for someone who has $ 3 billion..

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